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Diploma in Retail Management

Learn how to manage a retail outlet and grow the business to its full potential with this free online course.

Publisher: CourseFlix
Get to grips with running any kind of retail store with this diploma in retail management course. You will be guided through all aspects of managing your own store, including choosing a location and hiring a cohesive team; advertising, marketing and managing your brand; budgeting, security, and other essential topics. Whether you are experienced with retail or just beginning, start this course now to embark on your career as a retail manager.
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This course will teach you about every aspect of store management in order to provide you with the skills you need to run your own retail outlet. You will gain an understanding of the financial, marketing and legal processes behind running a store. First, you will be introduced to the basics, with modules in merchandising, sales process, and stock management. You will learn how to handle deliveries, how to hire a cohesive team of staff, and different ways to manage the disagreements or issues that crop up, whether they relate to late deliveries, store layout, or a staff disagreement.

Then you will be guided through the process of marketing and brand management, as well as how to communicate effectively with customers. In the module on retail psychology, you will be introduced to the concepts behind the recommended layout for your store. You will be shown the skills necessary for effective management, including clear communication, problem-solving, and research methods. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the health and safety responsibilities to your customers and staff, and the legal aspect of business success. You will learn about potential legal issues, and where to turn for guidance.

This course will provide you with the necessary practical and theoretical skills to manage any store. If you simply want to refresh your existing understanding of management, the knowledge base provided here will guide you back to proficiency. In just a few hours, you could be equipped with more leadership skills than ever before, tailored specifically to your field. Even if you have previous retail experience, this could be the course you need to boost your skills to that extra level. Get started today.

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