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Designing a Service

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This course introduces you to the service process and the considerations that must be made when designing your service.
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This course examines the service process, and how to design a successful service. The importance of developing your service personnel, and educating your customers is discussed.

It looks at designing the physical aspects of your service, before moving onto the management of integrated marketing communications.

The management of different aspects of your service business are also examined for resource policies for service personnel to managing channel conflicts and service recovery in relation to service management

This course will be of interest to anyone who owns, or wants to establish, a service business.

Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe how to design a service blueprint.
  • List human resource policies for service personnel.
  • Describe the important considerations for service delivery.
  • Describe how to manage channel conflicts.
  • Discuss ways to manage a difference between demand and capacity.
  • Describe how the physical environment can affect both customers and employees.
  • Describe how to communicate using a marketing communication mix.
  • Discuss service recovery in relation to service management.
  • List the important aspects of an unconditional service guarantee.

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