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Swift Programming Language for Mac and iOS

Learn to work with Swift, an open-source programming language for Mac and iOS, with this free online development course.

Publisher: Sonar Systems
In this course, you will learn to work with Swift, the programming language for Mac and iOS, and one of the core foundations of application development worldwide. We will introduce you to variables and conditional statements. You will also learn to work with functions and classes using Swift. The demos provided will provide you with a deep understanding of the language and enable you to start your coding career immediately.
Swift Programming Language for Mac and iOS
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Swift has wide usage and is the programming language used in Mac and iOS systems. Other prominent Swift usage applications include web browsers, as is the case with Mozilla’s Firefox, blog CMS management, WordPress, and streaming as with SoundCloud. Discover all the main aspects of the programming language Swift and its processes in this course. The step-by-step demos in each lesson explain how to create and apply these processes using the language and provide general explanations and definitions for programming and development. In addition, the course material includes illustrations of the print line, variables, and constants with demos on each using the Swift language. You will also explore typecasting and the instructions on how to use Swift for adding variables into strings.

An array stores any kind of element. The course will explain arrays and demo the easy creation of an array using Swift. Conditional statements and their importance in programming is included, with a demo provided. Loops are defined, with tutorials on the For Loop, For-In-Loop, While Loop, and Do-While Loops. Switch, break, continue statement, functions, function parameters and function return statements are presented and demonstrated, too. We cover the processes in detail, with definitions and demonstrations for each. You will investigate classes, class constructors and the method for creating them. Finally, we teach you to create enumerations, explain their significance, and provide detailed instructions on making them using Swift.

Swift is an increasingly popular programming language for iOS and Mac and has become one of the core foundations of application development worldwide. This should come as no surprise given the popularity of Mac and iOS devices. The iOS app store alone holds a large chunk of the global apps market. This course teaches you all you need to start or advance your development and programming with Swift. The course is a step-by-step how-to guide. Each subject covered includes an implementation demo, which ensures that you learn the correct methods and add the acquired skills to your coding repertoire. In addition, we provide a link to the source files found on GitHub in the course resources section. The assessment at the end of the course will test your knowledge of the course material. So, enrol now and benefit from the comprehensive programming and development lessons offered.

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