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Series Parallel Circuits and Ohm's Law

Learn the complexities of combination series parallel circuits and Ohm's Law in this free online electronics course.

Publisher: Steven Liguori
Take your knowledge of electrical circuits to the next level with this free online course on 'Series Parallel Circuits and Ohm’s Law.' You will learn how to apply the rules and laws to combination circuits with both series and parallel elements, in a straightforward, step-by-step manner. By the end of this electrical engineering course, you will be comfortable with the math, rules, and formulas needed to work with all three types of circuits.
Series Parallel Circuits and Ohm's Law
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Series parallel circuits are the most complex of the three types of electrical circuits. They are made up of a combination of series circuits and parallel circuits put together. Because of this, series parallel math calculations are usually taught after series circuit math and parallel circuit math are understood. Series parallel circuits are used when a combination of the series and parallel traits are needed.

This free online electrical course begins with a brief explanation of the three types of circuits, series circuits, parallel circuits, and series parallel circuits. The series circuit rules, and parallel circuit rules are reviewed, and an explanation is given as to how you will use both sets of rules when tackling series parallel combination circuits. Plenty of time is dedicated to explaining how to solve for total resistance in series parallel circuits. This will prepare you for the Ohm's Law math calculations for series parallel circuits that follows. Using a ‘math’ or ‘rule’ approach, the technique used to arrange the math calculations is laid out so you are never at a loss for what to do next in the procedure. The electrical continuing education course offers three recorded live demo lessons to illustrate series parallel circuits in action using real components which will help to solidify your understanding.

If you are an electronics or automotive student or if you just love working with your hands and have a penchant for DIY, this certificate in electrical engineering is for you. Instead of just presenting formulas, this course explains the thought process, the steps, and the reasoning behind them. Enrolling in this course will allow you to understand the three types of circuits used in basic automotive and electronics and expand your technical knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

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