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JavaScript Version ES6 – Complete Guide

Learn to create dynamic and functional websites using JavaScript version ES6; in this free online course.

Publisher: Sonar Systems
In this short, free, online course, you will learn everything you need to create dynamic websites using JavaScript version ES6. You will learn everything from setting up a JavaScript project to using advanced frameworks like AJAX. This course will teach you about JavaScript Classes, Objects, Operators, Loops, Statements, Functions; and so much more. You will also learn about ES6 specific features like Arrows and Template Literals.
JavaScript Version ES6 – Complete Guide
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This free online course will teach you all you need to create websites with dynamic functionality, using JavaScript version ES6. The course commences with a demonstration of how JavaScript ES6 can be set up on various platforms and the cloud. This is soon followed by lessons on JavaScript basics – such as writing Comments, Strict Mode, Variables, and Console output. The course then goes on to explain JavaScript functions and demonstrate how to use them. The first half of the course concludes with demonstrations on Operators, Statements, Loops, and other basic elements.

The second half of the course begins with an introduction to JavaScript Objects like Numbers, Booleans, Strings, and Date. This is then followed by an introduction to JavaScript Classes and their methods, as well as Hoisting Variables and Functions. Following this are demonstrations of more advanced techniques like error handling, Animation, Validation, and Promises. The course concludes with demonstrations on how to use AJAX, Map and Set Collections, as well as ES6-introduced features like Arrows and Template Literals.

This course contains valuable lessons to help you use JavaScript version ES6, and JavaScript in general. It is suitable for beginners to JavaScript, and even programming, as it starts from the basics of the language in detail, before moving on to more advanced elements. For more experienced web developers, this course could serve as a valuable reference guide, to help you find specific information on JavaScript. Start now, and be on your way to designing dynamic websites with JavaScript in just 3 hours.

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