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English Grammar - Comparisons & Word Order (Intermediate level)

Learn the comparative form of English words and phrases and the correct word order in English sentences, for free.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online English course teaches you about making comparisons and correct word order. English grammar follows a set of sometimes counterintuitive rules which learners can find difficult to master. In this free online course you will learn how to correctly use comparative English words and phrases, use and change comparative words to correctly form sentences, conditional statements, and idioms, and much more!
English Grammar - Comparisons & Word Order (Intermediate level)
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This free online English course will first teach you about word order and comparative forms. You will learn how to use suffixes for one syllable and two syllable words. You will then learn the English grammar form 'more + adjective', and the use of 'more' with adverbs such as quietly, slowly etc. to describe actions. You will also learn how to to use certain words and phrases in comparative forms to emphasize the extent or level of something and, how to repeat comparatives to emphasize and exaggerate points.

Next, you will learn how to use 'the' with comparative words and phrases, especially for zero conditional statements and idioms. In English word order, the object normally follows the verb. 'Place' usually comes after the verb, and if the verb has an object 'place' comes after the verb and the object. Sounds difficult, but by practicing the exercises and listening to the audio files that come with the course this rule will become easy to remember.

Learning a new language like English can be challenging, but with the right English grammar course you will soon be speaking English like a native speaker. All you have to do is take small steps at a time and before you know it, English will come easy. This course is ideal for learners who are not yet familiar with the English grammar rules, so start the course now and learn comparisons and English word order in just a few short hours!

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