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Diploma in Transport Management

This free online training course introduces transport management considerations in relation to rail and road in the UK.

Supply Chain Management
This free online road transport management course outlines considerations of the management of rail and road networks in the UK. Start learning about the role of the transport manager in the road freight haulage sector and their legal responsibilities. Next, the course will analyze the role of the transport manager in passenger rail, from tender through to operation. This knowledge will help you to begin a career in transport management.
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Firstly, this course will evaluate the role of a transport manager who is working in the road haulage industry. You will learn the definitions of some of the common terms used in road freight haulage and find out about the legal responsibilities of the transport manager before looking at the regulations and licences required. You will also discover how bus services are operated in the UK.

Next, the course will outline the organisations involved, and the role that the transport operations manager plays in the passenger transport sector before exploring the legalities of operating an international coach service. Then, it examines the operation of the rail passenger industry and the franchise process. Furthermore, it will define the role of the transport manager in passenger rail and describe rail freight from tender through to operation and the stakeholders involved in the rail freight industry.

This free online course allows you to learn and study at your own pace, anywhere and at any time. Transport operations management is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. This course introduces you to transport management and offers insider knowledge of the industry and key terms used therein. So why wait? Start learning now and take one step closer to gaining a successful career in transport management.

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An Introduction to Successful Transport Management

The UK’s Travel Infrastructure of Roads and Rails

The UK’s Travel Infrastructure – Waterways, Ports and Airports

Road Freight and Transport Management

Passenger Road Transport and its Management

Rail and Transport Management

Transport Management for Ports and Inland Waters

Transport Management for Airlines

Trends, Challenges and Best Practice in Transport Management

Transport Management and Health & Safety

Course assessment

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the definition, purpose and key principles of transport management
  • Outline the inland waterways infrastructure in the UK, its usage and the organisations that manage them
  • Describe the port infrastructure in the UK, their usage and the organisations that manage them
  • Analyze the airport infrastructure in the UK, their usage and the organisations that manage them
  • Discuss the road infrastructure in the UK, the types of roads and their usage
  • Describe how to apply for a Public Service Operator’s licence
  • List the personal attributes, skills and knowledge needed to be a transport manager
  • Identify the challenges faced by the transport industry in the UK
  • Analyze the role of the transport manager in health and safety


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  • A way to show your ability to learn and achieve high results
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