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Business Administration - Working with Customers and Teams

Discover the essential skills needed to work with customers and team members with this free online course.

Publisher: NuYew
Dealing with various kinds of people in various settings forms part of most lines of work, but not more so than in Business Administration. This free online course covers the essential elements of dealing with customers and teams within the business environment, how to make the most of these professional relationships and how to build and sustain an efficient and effective work environment in order to optimize productivity.
Business Administration - Working with Customers and Teams
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Explore the world of business administration with a focus on working with customers and teams - something you will constantly need to do in this critical business support field. This free online course, Business Administration - Working with Customers and Teams, will help you understand how to maintain security and confidentiality at work and deal with concerns. Other themes within this particular module covers how to organize and secure organizational data and information as well. Efficiency is of particular importance when it comes to keeping waste to a minimum, conserving resources, preventing pollution and saving money - all of which are studied in-depth. You will receive practical and simple examples in order to fully understand the importance of this role in business and this leads into the following chapter which deals with effective teamwork. 

The teamwork module studies how to work with people and customers within the context of meeting the business' organizational needs, goals, and objectives. You will learn what good communication within a team looks like, how to handle conflict and disagreements within the team and the critical role feedback plays. The content details personality types so as to better understand team members’ behaviour and interactions with each other as well as the role of a manager in managing a team effectively. The next key theme involves the customer without whom, most, if not all businesses would not exist. You will explore the difference between a “consumer” and a “customer”, the products and services that are relevant to external customers as well as the importance of delivering these products and services at a high quality standard. How to use customer feedback channels and ensure that each interaction with a customer will delight them in every way possible, is then discussed in detail in this free online business administration course.

If you are good with people and love making a tangible difference to an organization by performing critical business administration functions, then enrolling in this customer service and teamwork course is the perfect fit for you. If you already have some experience or are working in the office administration field already, this course can further refine your skills and make you deliver even more value in your role.

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