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Positive Parenting

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As a parent, you're not just 'mom' or 'dad'. You're also a nurse, doctor, cook, teacher, coach, therapist, driver and cleaner - with no time off! While some parents can handle this load seamlessly, many others find juggling all these roles with paid work, running a household and trying to hold onto their own social lives, relationships with their partners and personal mental health to be a heavy burden. Parenting is wonderful and stressful, exciting and boring, fulfilling and draining.

It is much better to admit that you need guidance and help as a parent than feel defeated and overwhelmed (and, worse, taking your frustration out on your child). At Alison, we know that parenting doesn't necessarily 'come naturally', which is why we've sourced free courses to help. Best of all, you can sneak them into your own schedule, studying a module between making bottles or helping with homework. Our courses can also help you understand things like bullying, helping a special needs child and even how your baby son or daughter's brain is developing. Even if your childen are grown, it's never too late to become a better parent. Sign-up and enrollment are free and Alison does not charge a monthly subscription fee. 

Learn how to Help Them Learn

You don't have to be a qualified teacher to help your children learn. In fact, before they get to school, you are teaching them everyday. But you can go a step further and unlock specialist knowledge that will help you motivate your child to tackle their school work or other projects. If you are grappling with a diagnosis of 'special needs' or 'developmental disorders', our free courses are a good place to start for a foundational understanding of how you can guide your child. 

Many of our learning courses have been created by teachers and educational institutions so you get the benefit of their professional knowledge and years of experience dealing with countless children confronting the same challenges as yours.

Sport and Socializing

Being active is part of being a kid. Running around with friends, playing with balls or imaginging elaborate worlds for themselves are all key parts of growing up. Balance, hand-eye co-ordination, confidence and social skills are all developed when a child takes part in sport and has a fulfilling social life. 

As a parent, you can access our free courses to have the inside track on giving your child the best lessons from sport and building their confidence to read out loud and address their class. Being a confident speaker from a young age is a gift that will echo positively throughout your son or daughter's whole life.

Healthy Child, Happy Child

Nothing is more precious to a devoted parent than the health and happiness of their child. Yet, as many of us know, life-altering accidents can happen in a few seconds. Could you perform CPR on your child if they needed it? Do you know how to save them if they are choking? These are skills that everyone needs to know. Our free courses aren't only for parents: if a nanny or grandparent frequently looks after your kids, they should also take lessons on how to deal with common medical emergencies.

Parental Self-care

How can you care for others if you don't care for yourself? Parenting can be stressful and because you want to give it your all, you may neglect yourself in favour of your kids. This is understandable but not sustainable and doesn't help them in the long run if you burn out. Parental self-care and open communication with your co-parent is vital. Enroll today to understand the do's and dont's of looking after yourself.

Developmental Wellbeing

Your kids are changing all the time. As they grow, their brains, bodies, attitudes, fears and interests all develop. If you understand the psychology and neuroscience behind a child's natural development, you can help them cope with milestones that can be scary or overwhelming. You can also get to the root of anti-social behaviour before it gets out of hand. 

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