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Are you a graphic designer or photographer who needs to add videography to your toolkit? Do you dream of your Vlogs going viral? Perhaps you need to record your gran’s birthday or want to capture your toddler’s first steps. Find out how to create visually stimulating footage in our video courses. There are options for shooting anything from a family video to making your own micro-budget movie. 

You can learn how to use the best video editing programmes, such as Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and the new kid on the block, Camtasia. Whether you want to make a 5 star teaching video that you can publish on Alison, launch a career in videography, become the next big thing on YouTube or merely rock TikTok, you’re in the right place. Simply register for an Alison account, enroll in your chosen course and begin learning new and in-demand skills today.


Top Free Online Edição De Vídeo Courses

Making Videos

The first step to creating great videos is having the right equipment - a camera, microphone and lighting. However, even if you’re restricted to using your smartphone, there are still techniques you can learn that will make your videos sharper, snappier or more atmospheric. While a video of your children will often be a spontaneous thing, for most video projects, planning will take you a long way. Our courses will help you create an outline for a video, record it, edit it then render and export the finished product. For more ambitious projects, you might want to include narrative and character development in your planning. Whichever level of videography you are interested in, our free courses will set you rolling.

Video Editing

Planning and recording a video are vital but for a polished finished product, it pays to hone up on video-editing skills. There are many software packages available and we bring you some of the most popular, like DaVinci Resolve, Camtasia and Avid Media Composer. With Camtasia you can edit the audio, pan and zoom animations, work with templates and share your videos. DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer are favoured by creatives who want to achieve a cinematic look. DaVinci Resolve combines video editing, motion graphics, color coding, and audio production while Avid Media Composer has long been the industry standard and is widely used for TV video production. Take one of our free courses to decide which software will best suit your needs, or if you’ve already got the software, enroll now to discover its full potential! 

YouTube and You

Do you want to join the ranks of YouTubers and influencers or are you more interested in using this global phenomenon to get your business message across? You’ll find plenty of courses to help you discover and exploit the power of the YouTube video right here. Grasp the basics of starting out in YouTube, discover the secrets behind the ‘gurus’ success and how they maximise their views and subscribers, learn how to use algorithms to come up with popular video ideas, and find out about monetising your channel and increasing your watch hours. Along the way, you’ll discover what makes an effective video and hopefully, enjoy seeing your own creation take off. 

Video Content for Social Media


Don’t stop at uploading your new and improved videos to YouTube. Depending on whether you are sharing content for the benefit of others, using it as a promotional tool, or simply enjoy posting and getting a reaction, you will want to explore all avenues. Learn how to showcase your work to the best effect with one of our many free social media marketing courses. There are dozens more options available on our Digital Marketing Hub

Design Skills for Videographers


You may know how to capture great footage on video but your presentation lets you down. Taking a course in a complementary discipline will broaden your knowledge and could give you the edge when it comes to creating something special. Our in-demand graphic design, digital photography and Adobe Photoshop courses are, like all our other courses, completely free. For further options, check out our Art and Design Hub and our Photography Hub.

Using Video for Work

With increasing numbers of people working remotely, video-conferencing means you are ever more likely to find yourself facing a PC or laptop camera in everyday work. You may never have to do more than join in a meeting or you may be called upon to give a live presentation or record one. Rather than winging it, why not take a course and learn how to turn this tool to your advantage. You can discover how to properly manage a Zoom meeting, how to present your own professional looking video, how to present yourself in the best light on video calls and much more. If you prefer to keep your carbon footprint low and deliver that keynote conference speech on video, you can learn to do that too. There is no end to the ways in which videos can help your business - try a course and find out more!

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