By providing free access to basic education and workplace training skills, Alison removes all financial and physical infrastructure barriers to career training. Our courses are designed to provide abilities that are directly relevant to particular careers, and every year these courses cover more and more essential workplace skills. In doing so, we provide real access to the type of education that can lift people up, as we did with Daniel from the US and Abbas from Nigeria.

This connects workplace skills to the people who most need them. Alison is focused on Bottom of the Pyramid Learning, we directly aim to help those most in need of upskilling to empower themselves for the workplace. This is because a lack of access to proper workplace training can act as a major contributor to poverty. On a personal level, it can be an immense barrier to joining or moving up in the workforce. On a communal or regional level, it can stand in the way of job creation and the business success that allows for wealth to spread through a local area. Alison's free and effective online training aims to fix that.

By remaining committed to our mission of providing free and effective education around the world, we can knock down one of the core pillars of global poverty. This will simultaneously help make one Sustainable Development Goal a reality, and have a major social impact worldwide.

Two of the largest barriers to educational access today are a lack of personal finances and a deficit of communal infrastructure. But with Alison's free courses, personal finances are no longer a barrier to education at all, and as an online education provider Alison eliminates the need for extensive physical infrastructure such as schools. Through our ALC programme, Alison has even provided the basic infrastructure required for online learners to have internet access and a suitable study area.

Alison is providing not just education, however, but education of a quality that often cannot reach some of the poorest regions on the planet. Alison's courses are built by experts from around the world. These experts pool their knowledge on our platform, where it can be accessed by communities anywhere. This means that learners such as Aduje who would previously only ever come into contact with local knowledge banks can now access knowledge from everywhere, for free. By sharing the world's knowledge with the world, Alison brings education standards and learning opportunities to new levels in every community it reaches.

As Alison connects with more individuals and communities around the world, barriers to quality education are slowly coming down. By continuing to pursue our mission of providing free and effective education to the globe, we are doing our part to achieve this crucial Sustainable Development Goal.

Alison's provision of free online education can make a significant dent in gender inequality worldwide. By enabling women around the world to study wherever and whenever they want, without having to go to a specific place at a specific time with a specific group, Alison opens the doors to educational opportunities that are often closed off to women. Testimonials from our own female learners around the world, such as Mary, provide some inspiring examples of what we have achieved and will continue to achieve in this regard.

While this cannot eliminate all of the barriers to female education in the world, it can certainly make education a lot easier to access. Access to education remains one of the most gender dependent "privileges" in the world today. In several parts of the world young girls are prevented from attending school by communal and cultural pressures that keep them within the home and in specific societal roles. With education having such an immense impact on one's life chances, the gender inequalities that exist in education lie at the root of the gender inequalities that pervade several other aspects of people's lives.

Alison's commitment to its mission of providing free and effective online education to the world has not waned in the decade it has been operating, and with every year we connect with more women and disadvantaged groups around the world. The more people Alison connects with, the more people we can connect to the education they have so long been denied. This will go a long way towards achieving this Sustainable Development Goal.

Alison delivers free online education that specifically focuses on workplace skills. We provide access to these skills to anyone in the world, who can then learn in their own time from wherever they choose. By doing so, Alison not only provides paths to meaningful employment (like we did for Andrew and Gloria, but also spreads the core sense that life can be better, that the future waiting on the other side of education can be something special. This belief, this hope, can power economic transformations of scale.

With economic stagnation, recession, and underdevelopment still a common feature across the globe, a sense of hope, security, and optimism about the future is yet to be realised for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This is an unacceptable problem in this new decade, and one that can be at least partly alleviated by providing the world's population with access to important career skills.

There may be some way to go before this SDG is fully met, but with a commitment to providing the basic tools people need to access better work, we can make some real headway. Alison will continue to do its bit to make sure this Sustainable Development Goal gets a little closer to a reality every day.

Alison provides every single one of its learners with two resources: knowledge and hope. We do this because when people believe that they can do better, and have access to the intellectual tools they need to devise and construct a new world, they can achieve great things. It's this hope and knowledge that allows people to power the innovation and build the industry that really upholds a better future. And it's this hope and knowledge that people find on the Alison platform.

Being able to access the skills and professional expertise of the entire world, whenever and from wherever the learner prefers, for free, is an incredibly empowering capability. When a learner realises that they really can learn anything, anytime (as our learners Vernon and George did) hope for a better future is ignited and the knowledge required to build that future is provided.

That's why Alison's free online learning can be the key to unleashing the potential of communities around the globe. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure can be the pillars that entire communities stand on. But the ground beneath these pillars is ultimately one that depends on access to education and a belief that the future can be better. Alison's commitment to its mission of providing free online learning to the world is unwavering. We believe that through this mission, we can address this Sustainable Development Goal as well.

By providing free online learning to the world, Alison breaks down the barriers that currently keep so many people cut off from the knowledge that is available to everyone else. If everyone, regardless of their gender, geographic location, or financial situation, can access the same knowledge and learn the same skills, global inequalities will have been dealt a serious blow. As such, access to education and information is absolutely key to giving everyone the tools they need to seize the quality of life they deserve.

Alison has had some real success in this regard, as our inspiring testimonials from some of our learners in regions as disparate as Nigeria and the USA have shown. So long as these tools are cut off from certain segments of society, inequalities are guaranteed to persist. Inequalities abound in the modern world, both within and across communities, nations, and even continents. Men and women are still nowhere near parity of treatment, and in certain parts of the globe women's access to basic rights such as education are severely restricted. The global skills gap presents a massive challenge for the progress of equality worldwide, with crucial skills and knowledge being locked up in small parts of the global society.

Alison's mission to provide free online learning to the world is making an impact here. Our learners come from every background, every continent, every religion, and every strata of society. As we continue to spread our reach and connect with the most disadvantaged groups around the globe, we will continue to reduce global inequalities and make this Sustainable Development Goal more of a reality.

With global populations increasing, human mobility is key for maintaining sustainability, combatting urban overcrowding, and alleviating the inequalities that often accompany a scarcity of resources. Alison directly contributes to human mobility around the world, as mobility depends on access to information, education, and a belief in a better future. These fundamental tools are exactly what Alison provides on its platform.

When Alison learners realise that they can , at any time, for free, they simultaneously gain access to life-changing skills and the belief that they really can achieve their goals. Our learners consistently tell us in testimonials that this realisation gives them real excitement about the future and drive to be something more. This access to the knowledge and professional skills of the entire world, without limitations or financial barriers, can increase human mobility tenfold.

By supporting human mobility through the provision of effective and accessible education for all, Alison can make a serious impact on the sustainability of the world's cities and communities in the face of rising populations. This requires a long term commitment, which Alison absolutely has. With every new learner we introduce to free online learning, the difference we make gets a little bigger. If we keep at it, this Sustainable Development Goal can become a little more of a reality every day.