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Alison Learning Centres

For many around the world, online learning is inaccessible. Millions are still without internet access, need assistance with computers, and advice on how to start and maintain their online education. Alison Learning Centres [ALCs] are an initiative for directly confronting these challenges.

At an ALC, those without direct access to online learning, or who need or can benefit from technical or learning support, can find the facilities, community, and support they need. ALCs enable learners to study on Alison online as part of a group, to avail of off-line tutor assistance, or to simply receive encouragement and advice on how to begin the exciting lifelong journey of online education and skills training.

Focusing on certified learning with proctored assessments, the ALC programme also aims, where possible, to empower learners by introducing career opportunities to programme participants. ALC managers reach out to local employers to explore options for finding work placement and employment opportunities for ALC graduates. Combined, these career opportunities, online education access, support, and encouragement make real differences to participants’ personal and professional confidence and employability. Through this programme, Alison also actively delivers against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The ALC programme is currently completing its pilot phase. You can read about one of our leading ALCs, the Fikra School in Algeria, here . Innovators such as the Fikra School can make a huge difference within their community. Empowering education and workplace skills development should be for all; there should be no barriers to this that we are unwilling to overcome.

Alison Learning Centres

What you will find at an Alison Learning Centre

A safe, secure & serviced
location to study
Qualified learning
Proctored learning
certification services
A community of
Support to put learning
into practice
Alison Learning Centres

Hear directly from ALC Graduates about how learning at an ALC has empowered their lives and the people and communities around them.

At Alison Learning Centres, you can register to do a Certificate or Diploma course or a Learning Path using the ALC’s computers and internet connection.

You can avail of technical and learning support provided by qualified learning administrators, and enjoy the social environment provided by the centre.

You will receive a certificate/diploma on attainment of a score of 80% or more in your final proctored assessment.

You will gain access to information and guidance on how to use what you have learnt to improve your livelihood.

And if you complete the course in the specified time, the cost of the entire service is less than what you would pay for a pdf download of a certificate/diploma if you were to purchase these directly on the Alison platform!

Do you have friends or family who might benefit from learning with Alison, or who might be interested in attending a local ALC?

See if there is an ALC near you that they can reach. If there is no nearby ALC listed, let us know using this form so we can encourage the development of a new ALC near you.

Alison Learning Centres

Find out how to set up an Alison Learning Centre within your community!

How to set up an ALC

Further information about Alison Learning Centres

What are the advantages of studying at an Alison Learning Centre?

While Alison can be accessed for free online, anywhere, anytime, there are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to register and become part of an Alison Learning Centre.

  1. Physical Location: An ALC provides a safe and secure place to study with reliable computer devices, power and internet connectivity.
  2. Assisted Learning: To help you begin or to continue your lifelong journey of basic education and skills training, ALCs are staffed with qualified Administrators who can help you get online, pick a Certificate, Diploma or Learning Path of most use to you, and help and encourage you to complete your course of study to become an Alison graduate.
  3. Proctored Learning: ALCs offer the opportunity to sit your assessment under the supervision of a qualified Administrator.
  4. Discount Prices: By enrolling at an ALC you will not only have a better chance of completing your course, but you can receive a discount on the price of your Certificate or Diploma at the end of your study.
  5. Graduation! At most ALCs a monthly graduation ceremony will be held for all Alison graduates who completed their courses in the previous month. This will give your learning achievement local acknowledgement and recognition as you become part of one of the world’s largest certified learning communities.
How much will it cost me to study at an Alison Learning Centre?

You can use the ALC’s computers and internet connection, avail of technical and learning support provided by trained learning facilitators, enjoy the social environment provided by the centre, and receive a certificate/diploma on passing your assessment – all for less that what you would pay for a pdf download of a certificate/diploma if you were to study alone and purchase these directly on the Alison platform! (See current costs of certificates and diplomas here).

Alison Learning Centres are authorised and approved to charge an additional payment to cover the costs of providing tuition to learners who need support to complete an Alison certificate or diploma course. Additional paid services may be provided within or adjacent to the location such as printing facilities and café services. The prices charged for these services are specific to each Alison Learning Centre, and must be clearly displayed in a prominent position within the ALC for all to see.

The pricing information is also displayed on the Alison Learning Centre Profile Page which can be accessed via the list of Registered ALCs.

All users of the ALC are encouraged to report any deviation from these prices displayed to the ALC management via [email protected] To make sure that these prices are further adhered to, every graduate of an ALC will be requested to fill in a completion form at the end of their agreed time at an ALC or on the completion of an Alison course online.

What is the advantage of doing a proctored assessment?

The advantage of doing a proctored assessment is that you may not necessarily be required to sit a further test of competence when presenting an Alison Certificate to a recruitment agent or prospective employer, as the certificate will be stamped and signed by the ALC which has proctored your assessment.

How can I be sure that I will be well treated at an Alison Learning Centre (The Alison Charter)?

Central to the operation of any Alison Learning Centre is the Alison Charter on permanent display prominently on the wall. The Alison Charter lays down how learners must be treated by the provider at all times. Approved ALCs are continually graded by learners to make sure that the local ALC Management is adhering to the values and commitments set in the Charter through the Alison website. In this way, we ensure on your behalf that all ALCs worldwide are being managed professionally and high standards of service are being adhered to, no matter what country you live in.

The Alison Charter (V4)

  1. The Alison Charter is a binding agreement between the management of approved Alison Learning Centres (ALC) and Alison. Its purpose is to ensure that the ethos of Alison learning is respected and replicated in every centre.
  2. The ALC will ensure that any discrimination based on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be prohibited.
  3. The ALC must agree in advance with Alison all additional fees charges to ALC Learners, and same must be displayed prominently in the ALC. Charges which will be agreed with Alison must be reasonable and take local economic conditions into consideration.
  4. In accordance with Alison's vision of fulfilling the basic educational and skills training needs of people worldwide, the ALC must endeavour to encourage participation amongst marginal groups and promote social inclusion at all times.
  5. The ALC will ensure all individual assessments are conducted free of interference from any other third party and will promote the awarding of a Certificate, Diploma or Learning Path parchment or PDF for every course completion.
  6. The ALC will promote and support Alison’s mission of lifelong learning whenever reasonably possible. The ALC will endeavour to create the opportunity for gainful employment for Alison graduates.
  7. The ALC must add value to the course by providing an environment which promotes learning and engages the learner with the course content, including consistent internet connectivity and electricity supply.
  8. The ALC must sign-up to the Alison charter in full and adhere to its principles at all times. The ALC must prominently display their Approved Centre Certificate and a copy of the Alison Charter within the ALC at all times.

Alison requests all learners to support the ALC in adhering to the Alison Charter. Violation of any of the points above or the spirit of the Alison Charter should be reported to [email protected]

The Alison charter is based on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 21, and inspired by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26 “Education shall be free...

Tell me more about the concepts behind Alison Learning Centres

The ALC initiative aims to radically increase access to certified high-quality education and skills training worldwide by creating a vast international network of learning centres based on direct access to the Alison online platform, local in person assistance, and an innovative local entrepreneurial business model.

Barriers related to affordability, availability and access to traditional education and training opportunities prevent millions of people from achieving their full potential and participating in the 21st century economy. Fees charged by institutions are beyond the means of many; colleges and training centres are not available everywhere they are needed; and inclusive, quality education and skills opportunities are not accessible to many people for reasons of disability, culture or gender.

Goal 4 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development acknowledges that people need to be lifelong learners to survive and thrive for the future. Most governments, however, simply cannot afford to build, staff and equip sufficient training centres to cater for everyone who needs to continue learning and updating their skills throughout their entire lives. It is our intention that the Alison Learning Centres programme will make a significant contribution to developing equitable and affordable access to high-quality education and workplace skills training for all people everywhere.

Approved ALCs will help build digital literacy skills of communities. People new to online learning will receive learning support and encouragement, and will receive assistance should any technical or administrative problems arise as they progress in their learning. Finally, ALCs will strive to create a link between learners and the local and national work environment, guiding learners to prepare themselves for sectors where skills are needed.