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Irish Transition Year: Moral, Social and Personal Development

Teachers are only too aware of the pressures on young people in today’s world and Transition Year presents many opportunities to promote pupils’ health and wellbeing. Teachers can also help them to develop moral, ethical and spiritual values and to learn how to establish healthy relationships.

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Personal and Social Development

Transition Year provides an opportunity to support pupils’ personal growth and help them develop a sense of self. Alison offers a range of courses which can help young people build confidence and understand their emotions. Along with gaining a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, pupils can learn how to improve those communication skills which are key to expressing themselves effectively and developing healthy relationships. Running in tandem with our personal and social development courses are psychology courses that can help pupils gain an insight into why other people behave the way they do.

Some key concepts

  • Healthy growth and adjustment
  • Effective interpersonal communication and relationships
  • Increased self-knowledge and awareness
  • Understanding and tolerance of others
  • Understand how feelings and attitudes affect behaviour
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Health Education

One of the benefits of Transition Year is its capacity for broadening the scope of any topic and that comes into its own in a special way with health education. TY programmes offer a golden opportunity for pupils to grasp for themselves the importance of making the right lifestyle choices for their physical and mental wellbeing. Seeing health as a positive concept, being equipped to make good decisions and avoiding harmful behaviours are reinforced as students become well informed about their physical, mental and sexual health. Everything from nutrition to substance misuse, from first aid to mental health is included in Alison’s courses. For our fitness and exercise courses, see our Physical Education section.

Some key concepts

  • Safety education and first aid
  • Relationships and sex education
  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
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Physical Education

Not just for the sporty, Physical Education in Transition Year programmes may cater for learners who are goal-focused and take their sports seriously, for those with an interest in coaching or facilitating others and for those who would benefit from learning how to value regular physical exercise as an element of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. The focus can be on individual or team activities and pupils have the opportunity to discover the importance of exercise in maintaining wellbeing, as well as learning about teamwork, fair play and communication. With courses on everything from training safely to coaching styles and yoga, Alison aims to support everyone from the athlete through to those who prefer a more relaxed approach to fitness.

Some key concepts

  • A degree of specialisation in a selected aspect of work
  • The development of group and individual project work on cross-curricular themes
  • Use of local facilities and expertise to build school/community links to prepare pupils for a healthy use of their leisure time
  • The development of leadership schemes in aspects of physical activity
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