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Have you published a course online before? Here’s your chance to expand your reach and connect with new learners by republishing your course on Alison! Let’s get started.

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Earn an additional income stream

Expand your audience

Connect with Alison’s 40 million+ learners

Build your brand globally as an expert publisher

Someone who has published courses online before

Someone looking to republish those courses on Alison

Someone who can provide us with access to their previously published course

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Who can republish
a course?

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No experience publishing a
course online? No worries.

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If you want to publish a course online for the first time, we can help you with that too.

Become a Course Creator

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Fill out our short application form with your course information

Let us guide you the rest of the way

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How can I republish
my course?

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How does Alison
support you?

We run regular webinars , where you can ask all your questions
We guide you to republish your course by assigning a Publishing Account Manager to you
We promote your course to our audience via advertising on social media, email, and search
We help you track your progress and course enrolments via your personalised Digital Dashboard

Why just republish your old course, when you can also create a new one? Become a Course Creator and we’ll help you with our course creation tools.

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Publish a brand new course

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Now, you share your expertise on Alison and get rewarded for it. Now, you reach new learners who previously didn’t have access to you. But most importantly, now, you empower millions across the world. After all, it’s not just us who need your expertise. The world needs it too.

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What do I do now?

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