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Many people love to travel, filling up their TikTok and Instagram feeds with glamorous shots taken at funky hotels and beautiful resorts. But behind the scenes are hard-working staff who keep these establishments running well and looking their best. From the fresh soap in your bathroom to the neatly pruned garden and well-stocked bar, a hotel requires a lot of professional staff to work in it. Entering the hospitality and travel industry could be your ticket to getting paid to work in some of the world’s most sought-after locations. At Alison, we have gathered free courses on all aspects of this exciting industry. Choose the ones that appeal to you most and then enrol and study at no charge. When you’ve completed the modules and passed them, you’ll get a transcript proving your results. Certificates are a paid-for optional extra that can enhance your resume – we charge a nominal fee for processing them. If hotel school is out of your reach, let Alison help you overcome that obstacle. We’re right here to help you.

Top Free Online Hospitalidad Courses

Hotel Operations Certification

Hotel operations is all the different aspects that go into running a successful guest establishment such as food and beverage management, front desk or reception, housekeeping, back of house like accounts and so on. The general manager and operations manager work closely together to ensure that their accommodation is clean, has sufficient stocks of refreshments and that all repairs or complaints are handled in a timely manner. Hotel operations extends to hotels, guest houses, lodges, resorts and even cruise ships as the underlying principles are the same. It is a 24/7 occupation and requires attention to detail, having high standards and knowing the legal requirements for running a hotel in your country. Complete our free courses to ground you in the fundamentals of good hotel operations.

Customer Service and Concierge Skills

Any time you are dealing with the public – especially paying guests – you need to have excellent customer service skills. Many of these involve learning how to be respectful, patient, calm and solve problems as quickly as possible. Our courses will give you the tips and knowledge you need to de-escalate common situations that arise in customer service positions. Hotel guests can arrive late, be unhappy with their rooms, want refunds or discounts, claim to be victims of theft, cause damage to the facilities – could you cope with these problems efficiently without taking them personally? That is the hallmark of successful client and concierge services in the hospitality and travel industries.

Events Manager Qualifications

Hotels, guest houses and resorts generally offer lots of events as a way of bringing in guests and making extra revenue. Weddings, school dances, engagement parties and retirement farewells are commonly hosted. Events management is an exciting job option that requires you to wear many hats: you have to understand budgets, menus, décor, music, order of events on the occasion and deal with all the demands of your guests and staff. Troubleshooting on the day is especially important: what if the delivery of champagne is late? What if it rains? Could you cope if the DJ or photographer is suddenly sick? Take our modules in events management to get the skills you need to run the perfect function and make incredible memories for your clients and guests.

F&B and Food Safety

Food and beverage (F&B) management, and food safety operations, are two of the most important aspects of running a hospitality business. Even if your hotel only offers a continental breakfast and in-room refreshments, it is still vitally important to ensure you have sufficient supplies, stay up to date with guests’ requirements (like catering for vegan, kosher or halaal diets) and ensuring no-one gets food poisoning. This becomes even more crucial if you have a restaurant on your premises or offer events on the grounds. Poor quality food and limited options can ruin your reputation. 

In addition to the modules shown here, we also have a whole section dedicated to our Online Culinary School Courses – check it out here!

English for Tourism and Hospitality

Learning and improving your English will stand you in good stead for your career in the travel industry. No matter what aspect of the business you enter – ops, F&B, front desk or events – you will be better equipped to deal with guests and suppliers if you can speak English to a high standard. This is because English is an international language: many people around the world speak some English even if it is not their home language. We've also added some other languages in which you can discuss simple concepts in case you have guests from those regions or want to work in those countries.

We also have a whole hub dedicated to all aspects of English, like vocabulary and grammar, that you can access here.

Study Tourism

If you don't want to be involved in the day-to-day running of a hotel, you can still work in the travel industry. By studying tourism, you can get into marketing, sales, planning or being a travel agent that books your clients' flights, accommodation, transfers and activities. This is a crucial part of the business because it helps get guests through the door and keeps occupancy rates high enough for establishments to be profitable. Our courses cover everything from seasonal travel patterns to the nitty-gritty of marketing and promotion.

If you want to learn even more about digital marketing in general, please visit our dedicated Digital Marketing Hub.

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