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Speaking in front of a group is regularly ranked as one of people’s top fears. Yet being able to speak confidently in a meeting or give a speech at a wedding is a useful skill that will stand you in good stead. Some people’s public speaking skills are so impressive that they make living off it, either by being motivational speakers or by giving inspiring speeches at graduation ceremonies. No matter why you want to speak in public, our online courses are packed with practical tips and sound advice. Being good at addressing a group is very helpful if you want to be a teacher, lecturer, trainer, religious leader, manager, lawyer or a politician. Even entertainers sometimes have anxiety or stage fright so don’t feel alone! Our free courses are easy to follow, can be done at your own pace and have no obligations attached. Complete as many as you like so you can give presentations, host webinars, do sales pitches or even talk at major life events like engagements, birthdays or funerals with confidence and clarity!

If there are other aspects of yourself that you'd like to develop, please check out our Personal Development hub.

If you want to improve your English, please click on our dedicated English Skills hub.

If you want to learn languages other than English, please see our Foreign Languages hub.

Top Free Online Discurso público Courses

Basic Public Speaking Skills

These courses on basic public speaking skills break down everything you need to know as a beginner or someone who is just really nervous. We even have a course for children who might have to give a speech or report at school – as a parent, this knowledge can help your son or daughter overcome their fears easily and quickly.

Public Speaking Planning and Emergencies

One of the key parts of being a successful public speaker is planning. Very few people can stand up and immediately talk well, off the cuff and without notes (and they probably didn’t start out like that!). Our courses cover how to prepare your speech and what to do if things go wrong… A deal could hang in the balance if you mess up or an important event could be ruined. Sign up today to ensure you are as prepped as possible so you don’t panic.

Public Speaking for Business

Being able to talk to large groups of people is an invaluable skill in any business or industry. As a sales manager, you might have to motivate your sales team. As a CEO or MD, you may have to deliver bad news in a tactful, sensitive way. As developer, creative director or advertising executive, you may have to deliver a pitch for a new product or campaign to your clients. If you are a lawyer, you will have to present convincing legal arguments to a judge, jury, the media and court officials. Even if you are just starting out, being able to give speeches and talk confidently will allow you to stand out, be included more and likely help you with a promotion or more interesting work.

Public Speaking Careers and Events

Once you’ve mastered the art of public speaking, you might want to broaden your career by taking on professional speaking engagements or making a side hustle out of being stand-up comedian, for example. Effective speeches can also help your business: giving a TED Talk is one of the most popular ways of getting your message out to the world. Sign up today – with no subscription, enrolment or completion fees – and we’ll help you take your public speaking to the next level.

How to do Presentations

In modern business, being able to handle doing a presentation is vital. Presentations reveal annual results, explain new systems, simplify targets, bring teams together and have a host of other important functions and applications. With the working world going remote, you might have to give a presentation via the Internet to colleagues or clients you’ve never met in real life: could you do it?

If you want to learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, please check out our Microsoft hub.

Public Speaking for the Media and PR

You never know when you might need to be interviewed by the media. Perhaps you are involved in a major event. Maybe your company has to answer significant questions. Possibly you win a huge competition or invent something life-changing. No matter the circumstances, having the skills to address the media is a feather in anyone’s cap. If you are climbing the career ladder to a very senior position, take our media training courses so that you are prepared for press conferences. In a time of crisis, having good public speaking skills to fall back on will help you steer through the challenge more easily.


How to Become More Charismatic and Confident

All the best speakers in the world are confident. Many are extremely charismatic and that is why you want to listen to them. The good news is that you can build your confidence and charisma. Being more confident will help you in every part of your life especially public speaking. Go ahead and start your journey to being more positive, assertive, self-possessed and assured!

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