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Personal Development

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Research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has indicated that the better you develop your cognitive, social and emotional skills from a young age, the better you will manage your overall life. People who are lucky enough to have backgrounds in which these so-called ‘soft skills’ were nurtured tend to have improved educational, professional, relationship and overall life outcomes.

Fortunately, it is never too late to develop your social and emotional skills – and reap the rewards. No matter where you are in life, improving your confidence, learning to manage your time more effectively or even extending your ‘emotional intelligence’ can have positive effects for the rest of your days. Education isn’t only about ‘hard skills’ like accounting or engineering; it is also about the soft skills of communication, motivation and self-discipline. More and more employers want a great balance of hard and soft skills. You may have graduated top of your class but if you can’t communicate well with others, you won’t be regarded as a valuable asset for a company. Many firms would rather employ someone with slightly lower grades in the same qualification but who has a can-do attitude, has empathy for colleagues and understands that learning itself is a lifelong skill.

That’s where our free courses fill the gap. Perhaps your childhood was disrupted. Perhaps you focused intently on acquiring hard skills. Perhaps a change in your personal circumstances has made you realize you need to develop neglected parts of your emotional side. Whatever it is, our online tutorials have been crafted by experts who not only understand what you’re going through but who also have the knowledge, experience, advice and tips to help you progress. In only a few hours, you can gain clarity around a variety of important but often under-valued soft skills. All you need to do is create your account, enroll in the courses that pique your interest and take it from there…

If you’d like a better understanding of where you are on your personal development journey, you can also take our free Workplace Wellbeing Check-up to determine your strong points and identify areas that you should work on in the future.


Top Free Online Desarrollo Personal Courses

Growing in Confidence and Public Speaking

So much in life comes down to confidence. Confident people tend to have a more positive outlook, which means they tackle tasks with energy and deal with life’s curveballs more easily. Confidence is the secret behind so many success stories, both global and local. Similarly, the ability to speak well in public will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. From giving webinars or a speech at your wedding to being able to ace a job interview, public speaking takes many different forms. Being a confident public speaker will help your career and relationships. The good news is it’s never too late to improve your confidence and your public-speaking skills. Our free courses have tips for better public speaking, advice on how to appear more confident, and training for children and parents. You’ll be taken through the principles of public speaking and the secrets to growing your confidence - all online and all at no charge. And, because we understand that you may need some time to explore public speaking, you can take as many courses as you like. All it takes is an Alison account and you’re set to gain confidence, one online tutorial at a time!


You don’t have to be a trained psychologist to reap the benefits of studying psychology, even at a fairly elementary level. Understanding the complexities of the human brain, and how it develops from childhood to adulthood, can help you if you’re parent, teacher, childminder or even just have an interest in how experiences as a youngster can account for some behaviour or emotions later in life. From there, you can begin to unravel traumas like bullying, and comprehend the causes and effects on the bully and their victims. Learning psychology starts right here. You don’t need any background knowledge to take our free courses. By completing the online modules and assessments, you can become familiar with some of the principles of neuroscience and psychology - both of which will allow you to have better insights into your own emotions and those of people around you.

New Ways to Learn

How can you motivate yourself? How can you motivate your staff, students or colleagues to achieve more? Like confidence, motivation can be learnt - the tricks and techniques are all part of our free coaching courses. Closely linked to motivation is education: if you’re motivated to find new ways to learn (and new things to learn!), you’ll be on the road to success and lifelong education. The more motivated you are, the more you’ll learn, the smarter you’ll become… Of course, the point about learning and motivation is that it’s no good just thinking about them - you actually have to do them. And that is easy because our courses have no time limits or deadlines. Simply sign up, enrol, and complete the modules at your own pace as you have the time and, well, motivation to do so.

Boost Your EQ: Develop Better Social Skills

We’ve all heard of ‘IQ’ but what is ‘EQ’? IQ is your intelligence quotient while EQ is your emotional quotient: essentially how good you are at identifying your own and other people’s emotions, how you react to them, and how you make decisions or change your behaviour in light of them. Having a high EQ is connected to being adept socially, which can help you make better connections and foster meaningful relationships in all aspects of your life. We all know of people who seem very intelligent but battle to connect with others. Developing better social skills means you will be able to communicate with your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers more effectively with verbal and non-verbal interactions. By doing our courses, you will get tips on improving your EQ, upping your ability to interpret body language, emotions, and expressions, and see how you can take your newfound skills into leadership and coaching roles. It is never too late to improve your interpersonal skills.

Personal Development and Time Management

By ‘personal development’ we mean the constant small improvements you make to your health, wellbeing, professional knowledge, education and more over the course of your life. Not only does this enrich your personal life and help you make better decisions, but it also ensures that you stay ‘employable’ for longer, perhaps even reaching the point where you can start your own business or change careers in mid-life. You’ll see how to set achievable goals and work towards them in a way that isn’t overwhelming or intimidating. One of the key elements of meaningful personal development is learning to manage your time. This valuable skill is covered in our free courses, with tips and guidance from experts in the field. Managing your time doesn’t mean being ‘busy’ every moment of the day; it means making those moments when you are busy more efficient so you have more ‘free time’ and won't be swamped with unfinished tasks, a list of chores and never-ending projects. Learning to manage your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

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