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Alison Joins Catalyst 2030 Initiative

Alison Joins Catalyst 2030 Initiative

Alison Joins Catalyst 2030 Initiative

Alison Joins Catalyst 2030 Initiative

Alison Joins Catalyst 2030 Initiative

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Alison.com, one of the world’s largest free-to-use online learning and empowerment platforms, announces its commitment to the global Catalyst 2030 initiative. This change-for-good initiative aims to bring enterprise organisations together to coordinate action, facilitate systems change and optimise funding – so that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be delivered by 2030.


There are 17 SDGs,[1]  and these combine to make a comprehensive plan to achieve a better future for all. The goals provide a blueprint for eliminating extreme poverty, reducing inequalities, rehabilitating the natural environment, ensuring access to justice and improving well-being. Plus, building the global partnerships needed for sustainable development. According to the Social Progress Index, at the current rate of progress, the SDGs will not be met until 2094. This is +64 years after the original target date and the impact of this delay will be devastating for billions of people.


Recently, Catalyst 2030 launched its post-COVID report: Getting from crisis to systems change: Advice for leaders in the time of COVID. The report was warmly welcomed by the UN and is the result of three months of collaboration by social enterprises and members. Catalyst 2030 urges governments to recognise the solutions its member organisations have provided for social change during this crisis. The movement is a plea to push world leaders to seize the moment and make a transformational system change.


History will judge the decisions that leaders have made and continue to make. Studies reveal that 1.3 billion students (80% of the world's learners) are being kept out of educational institutions by country-wide closures due to the pandemic. Learnings from the crisis present an opportunity to make positive social change, end inequality and stop injustice.


Alison joins this initiative as a catalyst for good and sustainable change.  Alison has to date helped over 18 million people globally to improve their life through free education. The company aims to deliver further positive impact globally and remains committed to delivering against the SDGs with free education and empowerment for all.




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Data Sources

1.3 billion students (80% of the world's learners) are now being kept out of educational institutions – Statista, March 2020