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Careers at Alison

Alison is a global virtual team operating from 27 countries worldwide. We are interested in the best talent from anywhere. If you have top level skills, and want to change the world, we would love to hear from you. All positions at Alison are Remote-Home-Based unless stated.

Alison has become an even more virtual organisation - which might work for you!

As a result of COVID19, all Alison team members worked from home as of Mid-March 2020. Alison was already a highly virtual organisation, but the COVID19 experience showed how well adaptable the Alison business was to these circumstances.

Learning from the experience, it is clear that as we grow, the business will be every more virtual. As of June 2020, Alison had team members or contractors working from over 25 countries worldwide. We have team members now working from every continent. The majority of Alison team members are now based outside of our original based in Galway, Ireland.

The implications for us as we grow is that we are more open than ever to have people - at all levels - working for Alison remotely. Indeed, the global nature of our business and the multi-time zones we work in insists that we have more flexible arrangements with regard to when our team members are available.

If you are not living in Galway, (or perhaps, are one of the few who would like to move to Galway!), consider that we will consider your application to work with us more now than ever.