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  • Alison launches free course in US Presidential Election

Alison launches free course in US Presidential Election

Alison launches free course in US Presidential Election

Alison launches free course in US Presidential Election

Alison launches free course in US Presidential Election

Alison launches free course in US Presidential Election

Free Online Courses, Classes and TutorialsPublisher: Alison Editor

Ireland, 12 October: Alison, the free online learning and employment empowerment platform with over 2,000 courses, announces the launch of a free course to help educate people about US policies in advance of the US Presidential election day November 3rd. The US Presidential Election Course provides unbiased fact-based information on the latest policy positions of the major US political parties.

The free-to-study course will be of interest to Americans, still unsure on how they might vote, and to people around the world who are interested in the election and following the lead up to the election day very closely. 

Alison’s US Presidential Election Course outlines the policies of the Democratic and Republican parties in an even manner. The source of all policy statements are footnoted, whether from a Tweet by President Trump, to a Democratic Party policy position statement on the Democratic campaign website. Policy positions stated representing Joe Biden and Donald Trump include key policy areas such as; healthcare, education, foreign policy and the US economy. 

This free US Presidential Election’s course is delivered in four accessible modules and includes an assessment. These will enable graduates to summarise, distinguish between, analyse and explain both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ key positions. Learners who pass with 80% or higher will automatically be certified and graduate successfully from the course. 

Module One: Domestic Policy – this introductory module covers a broad spectrum of subjects that directly impact on the everyday lives of Americans including; education, technology, gun control, climate change, health care, immigration and police reform.

Module Two: Foreign Policy & Defence – investigates how both parties will balance diplomacy and military force in overseas issues and international conflict.

Module Three: Government Reform, Housing & Economy – delves into fiscal, economic and housing policies. This module also looks at the debate surrounding the reform of the US political system.

Module Four: Societal Issues – the final module of this course covers criminal justice reform, abortion and LGBTQ+ rights and equality.

Mike Feerick, Founder & CEO of Alison commented on the launch: “The future of America will be defined by this pivotal election. It is more important than ever that people have access to accurate source-proven information to enable them to make an educated decision when casting their votes. Our US Election course was specifically developed to empower better-informed voting and we thank the many thousands of US-based Alison members who helped prepare the course for general release. Education, knowledge and clarity-of-information are all key factors in solving society’s problems and making such important decisions. We have been careful to present the information as fairly as possible. It is a hugely sensitive and polarising topic. In our test reviews, potential voters commented on the finest detail. For example, who is mentioned first. (FYI, it is a tradition that the incumbent gets to say the last word - and hold their conference last for instance!)

The Alison US Elections course can be accessed here.



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