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Homeschooling high schoolers is a huge commitment in terms of time and resources and here at Alison we have taken some of the strain off you by bringing together fully-taught courses that will assist you, completely cost free. With statistics indicating that homeschooled students perform as well as or better than their peers in mainstream schools, this empowering choice is being made by increasing numbers of families, especially across the USA and Canada. At Alison, that choice is supported with hundreds of free online courses for your homeschooling programs. We offer everything from algebra to art history, English to ecology, PE to personal development, languages, sciences and more, for high school age pupils. Many of our courses are preparation for formal exams, while others enable young people to develop skills that will help them achieve their future goals. We provide many sought-after AP and CLEP courses which prepare students for college entrance exams. For those students preparing to enter into the job market, there are Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses to choose from. 

Our Homeschooling Hub has been curated by former teacher and experienced homeschooler Carole Dolan-Weed, from California. Carole taught high school English, adult education and GED preparation, as well as designing the curriculum for the adult education/GED program. Her homeschooled son earned a scholarship and full points on his college entrance exam. She supports Alison’s ethos of making education available for free to anyone, anywhere, at any time. All our courses are self-paced so your teenager can study in a way that suits them. They can gain homeschool certification by successfully completing their end-of-course assessments and if at first they don’t succeed, they can retake the assessments as often as they like and at no cost. After they complete a course, they are given the option to purchase a certificate or download their free learner record or Learner Achievement Verification. It’s so easy to begin too! All they need to do is register for an Alison account and enrol for their first course. Thanks to the Alison app, they can even study using their smartphone. Learning doesn’t get more flexible than that.

What’s in our Homeschool Hub?

To try to help you navigate through hundreds of courses, we have divided our hub into sections, aimed at high school age students, from 9th grade to 12th grade:

  • Math and Science
  • English, Languages and Visual & Performing Arts
  • Electives including History & Social Studies
  • AP & CLEP College Prep Courses
  • Career and Technical Education.

Check out our Teaching Hub for many useful courses to assist home educators.

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