Study of Electrical Measuring Instrumentation

Free Online course about the study of Electrical Measuring Instrumentation for the various measuring of electrics

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This free online course of the study of electrical measuring instrumentation provides critical and valuable information on the topic of measuring instruments. From there the Course explains the basic types of instruments. Also this course explains the thermocouple type Instruments and how to use them properly. Considering the Oscilloscope and how to calibrate it properly. Finally, the module explains the Function Generator and the proper control.
Study of Electrical Measuring Instrumentation
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During this free online course, you will be able to learn the study of electrical measuring instrumentation. You will be able to understand clearly the use of electrical measurement instruments. This course explains and defines resistance measurement, helping you understand how to properly measure resistance. Continuing in this course, you will obtain specific information about the voltage drop method and the Ohmmeter method. You will be able to answer questions such as how to accurately calibrate an Ohmmeter and what are the benefits of the voltage drop method. The course will also cover the basic types of instruments, providing you with specific information about the moving iron instruments and the moving coil instruments. Furthermore, you will explore the uses of shunts in the working field. Next, you will study how to use resistances to increase range. The course will also include the proper measurement of energy.

Furthermore, this course will teach you to identify the measurement of power and power factor. You will examine the correct management of using CT and PT for accurate measurement. Following on from this, the course will study torque measurement instruments and the various types of special measuring instruments. This course goes into helping you answer questions like: What is a Megger? How can I use a multimeter? Or, how to calibrate properly the components of the digital multimeter? Next, the course will demonstrate the repairing of instruments and their components, helping you troubleshoot the instruments properly. The course will continue by explaining the thermocouple type of instruments. Additionally, the course will also explain how to properly calibrate the Oscilloscope for it to work efficiently. Lastly, the course will end by explaining the function generator, its usage, and controls.

This course will provide you with a better understanding of the study of electrical measuring instrumentation, giving you clear and precise methods as a means to apply it in your working field. Giving you a clear and positive way to implement the acquired knowledge of this course. Have you considered expanding your knowledge of the study of electrical measuring instrumentation? This course is excellent for those in the electrical field. This course will assist you in a very efficient way to comprehend the necessary instruments for measuring electronics and electricity.

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