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Retail Management: Merchandising, Sales and Customer Communications

Learn basic merchandising and communications skills involved in retail management with this free online training course.

Leadership et gestion
This free online retail management training course will provide a thorough introduction to the basics involved in managing a retail outlet. You will learn the principles behind sales techniques, how to effectively merchandise your products, and the most constructive ways to communicate with your customers. This course is all about how to sell your products and win over your customers, so if you are an aspiring retail manager, get started today.
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This training course will begin by introducing the concepts behind retail management and how to gain enough experience to effectively run your own store. The course will continue by describing how to progress with your career so that you can run your own store. You will be introduced to basic retail merchandising, how to present your store, and the fundamentals of pricing. You will be guided through the use of the checkout and how to create an inviting retail industry environment for your consumers.

This course will also focus on building a relationship with your customers. Encouraging customers into the store is one of the most vital skills you need as a retail manager, and you will be guided through this process as well as learning about trends and how to take advantage of them. Next, you will learn about the correct way to communicate with your customers, and how to make the most of the relationship.

This course will provide you with the necessary practical and theoretical skills to manage any store and customer service communication expertly. If you simply want to refresh your existing understanding of management, the knowledge base provided here will guide you back to proficiency. In just a few hours, you could be equipped with more leadership skills than ever before, tailored specifically to your field. Even if you have previous retail management experience, this could be the course you need to boost your skills to that extra level. Get started today.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Describe the skills needed for Retail Management
  • Define the term ‘merchandising’ and explain what it means
  • Explain the sales process and how to price items
  • Discuss methods of customer communication
  • Outline ways to create an ideal retail environment
  • List the steps involved in a checkout transaction
  • Assess methods of targeting customers
  • Describe how to deal with unhappy customers
  • Describe how best to take advantage of trends


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