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Diploma in C Programming - Revised 2017

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Diploma in C Programming - Revised 2017
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  • The C language is an imperative procedural language and a widely used programming language, commonly used to program operating systems such as Unix. It allows the programmer to write directly to memory meaning software programs can be used within the memory in an efficient and machine-independent fashion.

    The Diploma in C Programming introduces you to the important concepts such as working with data, what program flow is, and using functions, methods and routines. The course teaches you about conditional flow statements, the mechanisms for controlling flow statements, and how to implement simple statements. Logical operators such as OR, GOTO and the While loop are also discussed in detail.

    Next, the course introduces using pointers for direct memory access and manipulation in C, changing the memory address contained within a pointer and introduces constants and string literals. You will learn why pointers contain memory addresses of multi-byte variables, and how to visualize RAM in a new way. You will also get step by step instructions on how to create simple C programs and how to run them.

    The course will be of great interest to IT, software and computer professionals who would like a greater knowledge and understanding of the C programming language and its key concepts and features.


    Learn more about what Computer Programmers do and how people become a Computer Programmer.

  • Having completed this module you will be able to:

    • Identify how a binary and hexadecimal number system works.
    • Identify how programming works.
    • Recognise how to write a basic program to print hello on screen.
    • Discuss using number data types and the differences between the types.
    • Identify what a variable is and how to store them.
    • Discuss creating Pointers and Arrays.
    • Explain using pointer in your program Explain what a constant.
    • is Identify what conditional flow statements are.
    • Recognise logic operators.

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