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Commit, Collaborate,
Educate & Take Action
for a Greener Future

Our mission is both simple and possible: to act now to slow
down climate change through Education, Empowerment,
Collaboration and Action.

Tackle Climate Change
  • Easily Register Your School

    Register your students to take part in AIS4CA. Commit to a climate action theme and make a change. Consider your environment and identify problems to solve.

  • Set Up Your Alison Group

    Track your students’ learning progress with Alison Groups. Watch the video to guide you through the process of setting up your school’s Group and inviting your students to join.

    Watch this Video to Set Up Your Alison Group:

  • Collaborate With Other Schools

    Your school will partner with a participating school from across the border. Partner schools will collaboratively work on the same climate action theme.

  • Learn the Facts & Get Educated

    EcoEd4All has a range of free courses to teach students how to combat climate change & hosts a series of webinars to provide teachers with essential information. Learn More >

  • Take Action Against Climate Change

    Record your student’s project in a two-page document / a five-minute video and encourage them to share it with their communities. Learn More >

Free Climate Change Courses to Promote Positive Action

Featured Climate Action Courses
Educación Ambiental: Cambio Climático-La Ciencia

Educación Ambiental: Cambio Climático-La Ciencia

More Information

Conozca nuestro clima dinámico, las causas del cambio climático y los impactos del calentamiento global en este curso gratuito en línea.

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Learn About Climate Action, Enrol In These Free Online Courses

Educación Ambiental: Economía Circular

Educación Ambiental: Economía Circular

Educación Ambiental: Contaminación del Agua

Educación Ambiental: Contaminación del Agua

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Be sure to check back regularly for updates and register to an Alison webinar.