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Supporting Veterans in Civilian Life

Alison is offering a 50% discount to anyone who currently serves or has served in the military.

Military personnel and veterans have responsibilities and stresses through their work that few in civilian life have to endure. Few jobs risk losing your life. But there are other burdens carried in serving your country; social isolation and distance from traditional learning opportunities leave military veterans with little time to prepare for civilian life during service.

Training, Recognition, Success

To acknowledge the exceptional service of military personnel and veterans, we at Alison are also willing to contribute that much more. We know that after years, or even just a short while, outside of the civilian workforce, making the transition back can be difficult. New skills need to be learned, new specialist knowledge has to be acquired. It takes effort.

At Alison, we believe that training can be a key element in a successful transition. If you identify the right skills for success in your career, get trained in those skills, and (most importantly) get your training recognised, then you are well on your way. That’s why we’ve put together a three-step training pathway on Alison for military personnel and veterans who want to advance their career.

If you complete the first two steps, we’ll reward your effort with a 50% discount on your Alison Diploma or Certificate. You can then use this certification to boost your resumé, get recognition for your work, and demonstrate to your next employer that you’ve got the skills to get the job done. So check out the pathway below, and start moving forward!

Supporting Veterans in Civilian Life

Identify Skills

Use our Career Guide to identify the right skills courses for your career.

Start Training

Start your course and train to completion. Most courses take less than 3 hours!

Get Recognised

Contact [email protected] with proof that you have served in the military. We’ll issue you with a 50% discount you can use when purchasing your certification.