Introducción a la enseñanza del inglés como segundo idioma

Learn more about teaching English as a second language.

Learn more about teaching English as a second language.





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English is the international language of business and opens up many opportunities to non-native speakers. Teaching English as a second language (TESL) instructors provide a valuable service to immigrants in English speaking countries. This free online course introduces the essential learning theories and practices needed to be a TESL instructor. This course details the needs of adult ESL learners, the learning styles of students and how to facilitate intercultural communication in the classroom. Following this, it describes the activities and exercises that increase student comprehension of the English language. Finally it explains how to prepare for and conduct a lesson including creating a lesson plan, classroom management and conducting tests. This free online course is ideal for fluent English speakers who wish to teach the English language in an English speaking country. It will also be of interest to people who are considering teaching English as a foreign language or anyone who wants to know more about teaching and learning theories.

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Learning Outcomes

Después de completar este curso podrá:-Describir las teorías de aprendizaje de adultos y utilizar estas teorías en una lección de ESL;-Explicar y utilizar los métodos de enseñanza de idiomas en la enseñanza de ESL;-Describir las cinco fases de la adquisición de idiomas;-Explicar y emplear estrategias de gestión de aulas de ESL;-Crear planes de enseñanza de ESL eficaces;-Proporcionar lecciones de gramática de ESL que satisfarán las necesidades de los alumnos de ESL;-Crear evaluaciones efectivas que se reúnan requisitos de validez y fiabilidad necesarios;


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