Top 10 In-Demand Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2018

Studies have shown that 94% of hiring managers believe employees with stronger soft skills have a better chance of getting hired or promoted than a well-experienced employee with limited soft skills.

Together with technical skills, soft skills are becoming tremendously important for all jobs. Set yourself apart from the competition and become your employer's first choice by gaining these 10 in-demand soft skills.

Problem-Solving Abilities

1. Problem-Solving Abilities

Finding solutions during a crisis

Reports say that 62% of recruiters are seeking employees who are good problem-solvers during a crisis situation. Sharing your problem-solving abilities to the hiring manager during interviews will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Time Management Skills

2. Time Management Skills

Not just spending time, but investing in it

42% of hiring managers feel effective time management is an important skill for employees. Starting from being punctual to work, to prioritising tasks and meeting deadlines, using your time wisely is productive for you, and your employer.

Interpersonal Communication

3. Interpersonal Communication

Communicating effectively with colleagues

Whether writing an important business email or interacting during a social gathering, effective communication is a non-negotiable life skill. 38% of recruiters particularly look for effective oral communication skills during the hiring process.

A Willingness To Learn

4. A Willingness To Learn

A skill that is highly sought out by employers

As the job market is becoming more flexible and adaptable, employers put in the time and resources to find someone who seems willing to continue learning and is open to working towards perfecting their skills as they learn. 30% of global talents say that they got hired by showcasing this skill.


5. Self-Motivation

Take charge, write your own story

Self-motivation comes with the whole package of positive energy, passion for work, and consistency at work. Motivated employees easily engage in their job role, maintaining optimum results. 66% of companies hired talents for their self-motivational skills.

Being A Team Player

6. Being A Team Player

Teamwork makes the dream work

Do you work well with teams and groups? Do you step up as a leader when the team needs managing? The ability to be a team player is essential in almost every industry and job. 60% of candidates got hired by showcasing this crucial skill during the job interview.

Being Adaptable

7. Being Adaptable

The ability to adapt to and accept change

49% of recruiters look for this quality in candidates. Of all the in-demand skills, this soft skill in particular, ranks the top for entry-level positions. If you're a newbie in your industry, this skill on your CV can truly get you ahead.

Working Well Under Pressure

8. Working Well Under Pressure

Handling workplace stress

Can you handle the stress that comes with deadlines and crises? Employers look for talents who remain calm, prioritise tasks, and stay focused during crisis situations. As one of the most sought-after skills, 32% of employers look for this skill in employees.

Computer Literacy

9. Computer Literacy

Basic computer skills

Irrespective of the type of job role, basic knowledge of computer programmes like MS Office, emails, managing spreadsheets and social media, are essential in the modern job market. More than 50% of jobs require basic computer skills.

Planning Skills

10. Planning Skills

Planning your work and working your plan

Planning and organising were once only a requirement for higher-level managers. But now, with changing workplace trends, every worker, irrespective of their job level, is expected to plan and organise their own work schedule. Reports state about 32% of candidates got hired for their planning and organisational skills.

Whether you are seeking your first employment or looking for a better opportunity, landing your dream job can be challenging.

Gain a better understanding of job market trends and optimise your skills to unlock your dream career.

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