5 Reasons Why Pharmacists Are Important
Excellent guide

1 . Excellent guide

While important information is already included with medicine, many patients benefit from verbal guidance, like correct dosage, best ways to consume, and potential side effects.

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Change referral paths

2. Change referral paths

Pharmacists usually have good knowledge about doctors and hospitals in their town or country, or sometimes even internationally, due to constant networking.

With this knowledge, a Pharmacist can refer you to the right doctor or clinic suitable for your health situation.

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Advise and counsel patients

3. Advise and counsel patients

From giving basic health tips, to answering illness-specific questions, Pharmacists are excellent in advising patients to make healthy life choices.

They also counsel patients on mental health, stress management, and suggest consulting the right health professional if needed.

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Be there during an emergency

4. Being there during an emergency

At times of emergency, going to the hospital might not always be an option.

For instance, if a patient is in a health crisis and not in a position to travel to a clinic, a local pharmacist can help with emergency aid.

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Empowering patients

5. Empowering patients

Pharmacists empower patients by helping them tackle illness and boosting their confidence.

They impart knowledge, they motivate, they help patients to help themselves. Pharmacists are the first port of call in a health crisis, and sometimes even saves lives!

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Pharmacology is the branch of medicine concerned with the uses and effects of drugs or medicines and how they work.

Care beyond prescriptions and medicine.

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