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Transition Year: Enterprise

Getting a taste of the business world is an essential aspect of Transition Year, whether a pupil aspires to be an entrepreneur or forge a career in a multinational industry or simply become a savvy consumer.

While the formation of a mini-company will provide insights into everything from market research and marketing to working out profit margins, there is much more to TY Business and Enterprise Studies than the commercial aspects of the subject. Here, pupils can develop skills that will prove useful in many fields of work, such as typing and keyboard skills, investing and saving, taking notes and writing up reports, using business software, learning about the cost of living and understanding consumer rights. And of course, if they want to learn about starting and growing a business, they can find that here, too.

Some key concepts
  • The business skills aspects of creating a mini-company like market research, marketing, conducting meetings, running an organization, finance and accounting.
  • Typewriting and keyboard skills
  • Note-taking and report-writing skills
  • Savings and investment skills
  • Business computer skills development using a basic integrated software package.
  • Investigation of costs of a house, flat, motor car or video production and how financing could be organized.
  • Consumer skills, undertaking case studies and seeking remedial action.

Suggested Courses

A Mini Company

Market Research and Marketing


Keyboard skills

Note-taking and Report-writing Skills

Saving / Investment

Consumer / Customer Skills

Finance and Accounting


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