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Free Art and Design Courses

60 courses

Do you need to update your training or take a refresher course in design? Are you interested in moving into digital design? Perhaps you have come up with a product and need to know how to turn it into a business. Or you may be working for a business and challenged to come up with rebranding ideas. Alison’s Art and Design hub is packed with free online courses on these and many more design-centric topics, from Digital Design to Art and Design, Anime, Working in Design, Fashion and Brand and Logo Design. We also bring you free courses on UX and UI Design and on mastering some of Adobe’s most popular programmes, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

In a marriage of form and function, our courses will steer you through any process, from creating a user interface for a new app to a moodboard for a new apartment. And, if you simply want to learn to draw for your own enjoyment, you’ll find suitable courses here too. Best of all, you can begin right now. Simply register for an Alison account, select your first course and start learning! All our courses are certified and you can take the assessments as many times as you like. As every designer knows, planning is key to success so take the first step today and develop a blueprint for your future career.

Top Free Online Art and Design Courses

Digital Design

Imagine how far a creative genius like Picasso might have pushed the boundaries of art had he had access to the tricks and tools available to you today? Would Gaudi’s Basílica de la Sagrada Família have been finished in his lifetime had he discovered his over-ambition with a 3D printout? Digital design has opened up new frontiers for both static and moving images and made it possible for anyone to create beautiful, challenging or enigmatic designs. All you need is the right software and a course that teaches you how to use it. And that’s where we come in. Discover how to create photorealistic day or night scenes, get to grips with 3D models and learn how to print in three dimensions too. If you want your designs to come to life, there are animation courses along with 4D modelling, digital landscapes and animating a Powerpoint presentation to help you on your way. 

Graphic Art and Drawing

If you would love to learn to draw or are already a dab hand with a 2B or ink and want to learn how to create a work of art in a new way, have fun developing your technical skills with our free art courses. Artistic talent can take you a long way but training can take you farther. If you are serious about art and design and determined to forge a career in this exciting and creative field, why not take one of our graphic design courses. You will learn about the main elements of composition along with the principles, theories and best practices for graphic design.

Creating Anime Characters

Get to grips with the niche world of anime, where a motion line can speak a thousand words. Whether you want to create your own manga with black and white illustrations in that distinctive Japanese comic book style, or aim for full colour animated videos, it’s essential to get the basics down first. Learn how to draw that all-important head and face for close-ups and bring your characters to life with full features and emotions before progressing to full body drawings. You’ll be storyboarding like a pro in no time! 

Working in Design

We are proud to bring you a selection of design-led courses that will help you forge a career from your creative talents. Improve your repertoire as a tattoo artist, open the door to a future in home decor with our interior design course or take a hands-on approach with a painting and decorating course. If you love gardening and want to help other people have their very own great outdoors we even have a landscape gardening course you can dig into. Many of our courses will not only equip you with the technical skills you seek, but will also help you master the business or entrepreneurial aspects of your new career as a creative professional.

Fashion Design

If you have designs on a career in the fashion industry, you can access practical training with our courses. Learn each of the processes involved in creating a collection, from the first mood board and sketches through to selecting fabrics or yarns, making your own patterns and fitting and finishing a garment as well as sourcing suppliers. Our Diploma in Fashion Design covers pre-production and production processes and explains how to set up your own label. If you don’t harbour ambitions to be the next Stella McCartney or Alexander McQueen, you may be interested in mastering the art of printing and selling your own T-shirt designs. Whether your aim is for high end or street fashion, the savings you make with our free online fashion courses will bolster your fabric fund!

Branding and Logo Design

Perhaps more than any other field of work, design combines the powers of left-brained logical thinking with right-brained creativity. Getting the design elements of branding right can make a world of difference when it comes to helping your client connect with consumers and build brand recognition. There are many factors to consider when it comes to branding design ideas. It is vital to come up with an image that gets the desired message across, from colour theory to the style of font, whether you aim to work in an advertising agency or are putting together a logo for your own business. Our courses will teach you the mechanics of using your chosen software to create a dynamic, effective logo, along with the decision-making processes that are essential for success.

Web Design

In the ever evolving digital design world, it pays to stay abreast of developments and update your training. Get the inside track on designing an attractive and intuitive interface or on creating a satisfying user experience with our UI and UX Design courses. You will discover the importance of having a grasp of design, technology and human psychology for success in this field. And if you are interested in creating the most visually appealing and commercially successful websites, you’ve come to the right place too! As for mastering computer aided design for use in architecture, engineering or industrial settings, our AutoCAD tutorials will help you bring your ideas to life.

Designing with Adobe

Californian giant Adobe Systems has had a huge impact on the world of design. Now you can master some of the most popular graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, with our free courses. Illustrator is, as the name suggests, mainly a drawing tool which allows illustrators and graphic designers to work with scalable vector images while Photoshop’s vast toolkit that includes creating 3D graphics and video, makes it a must-know for anyone working in photography, graphic design and even VFX.  If you are involved in post production for films or TV programmes, the chances are you will want to gen up on Adobe After Effects while anyone in publishing, whether print or digital, will want to know their way around InDesign, the industry standard for publishing newspapers and magazines. Our suite of free courses will help you utilise these most popular apps in Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

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