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  • Alison Announces The Launch Of Its Online Learning App

Alison Announces The Launch Of Its Online Learning App

Alison Announces The Launch Of Online Learning App

Alison Announces The Launch Of Its Online Learning App

Alison Announces The Launch Of Its Online Learning App

Alison Announces The Launch Of Online Learning App

Free Online Courses, Classes and TutorialsPublisher: Alison Editor

IRELAND, 5 November 2020:Alison, one of the world’s largest and totally free-to-use online learning and employment empowerment platforms, announces the launch of its updated online learning app. With improved navigation and layout the app will allow users to learn seamlessly on both mobile and desktop. The app is available on the Android platform as nearly 70% of Alison’s 17 million learners own Android devices. 

Studies reveal that 1.3 billion students (80% of the world's learners) are being kept out of educational institutions by country-wide closures due to the pandemic. This has resulted in a surge in both online and mobile learning. The demand for easy-to-access self-learning and training is higher than ever. 

The improved app offers a seamless learning experience between handset and desktop. With 2,000 free courses available on the Alison platform, the improved search function and layout is easy to navigate and will help learners to find the best courses right at their fingertips. The easy-to-use search tool, with autocomplete and autosuggest, allows users to better articulate their search queries to find the best-matched courses available. The app now also supports full-screen video content to make studying on-the-go easier. The improved app features fewer ads to allow for a better user experience.

The study-and-complete function effortlessly enrols learners onto the course and allows them to work their way through the course modules. All course certification on Alison is completely free and happens automatically when a learner passes the course test. If learners wish to purchase a printed parchment or PDF certificate or diploma, they are now able to do so directly through the app. The dashboard and profile tabs allow for easy tracking of progress. The desktop platform and app are fully integrated - any learning progress on the app is mirrored on desktop, allowing users to move seamlessly between their mobile device and PC.

Mike Feerick, CEO and founder of Alison comments: “We are experiencing a significant increase in mobile usage compared to this time last year – there is no doubt the pandemic has impacted how we will access and consume education in the future. In fact, 60% of our users are on mobile and of those, 70% use Android devices. Our goal is to reach one billion learners globally and the updated app will help us in that mission. It also helps us to make education accessible to anyone and anywhere, irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers to access. It is eye-opening that only 7% of the world’s population has been to college and that shows the opportunity that free e-learning offers.”

The online learning app will deliver on-the-go learning to Alison’s 17 million users and help them to secure a promotion, land a dream job, start a new hobby, or upskill. The Alison app is available to download from Google Play.  


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Alison is one of the world’s largest and free-to-use employment empowerment and online education platforms, with 17 million active learners. It is the global leader in free learning for basic education, workplace skills and psychometric testing with three million graduates of its +2000 courses. Alison offers free psychometric testing, group training monitoring through Groups, and also enables subject-matter-experts to freely publish on its platform enabling a new era of costless knowledge and skills transfer within businesses.


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