Guide to Zoom Video Conferencing

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Guide to Zoom Video Conferencing

In this free Zoom training course learn how to maximize the use of leading Zoom video conferencing and webinar software.

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In this free online video conferencing training course you'll learn that Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing service. Zoom is very valuable to businesses and educational institutions as it allows users to easily organise virtual meetings, classrooms, and work remotely. Start this short course today and learn how to use Zoom features and make the best use of the service to meet your business or educational needs.





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This free online video conferencing training session begins by showing you how to sign up for a free Zoom account and download the necessary software onto your computer. It then goes on to teach you how to schedule a Zoom meeting from the Zoom web portal, your Google account, and Microsoft Outlook. You are then shown how to assign privileges in Zoom and Outlook and set up your audio and video settings.

Next, you are introduced to the basic in-meeting controls and shown how to manage participants in Zoom room meetings, launch polls, share content and manage users in your Zoom account. Next, you learn how to use Zoom Breakout and Waiting Rooms, manage Zoom conference rooms, record Zoom meetings, and review recorded playbacks. The course will then show you how to start or join Zoom meetings from the Skype for Business and Slack apps, set up a new Zoom phone account and Rooms Huddle kit, and access the Zoom dashboard.

Lastly, the video conferencing training session guide shows how to control your Zoom in-meeting experience, apply for Vanity URL, change share preferences, add managed domain, join a password-protected meeting, reshare a zoom room invitation link to reflect the recent Zoom security enhancements and connect with zoom 24x7 globally to support. If you are looking to organise virtual classrooms, meetings with co-workers or work remotely, this course is certainly for you. With this course, you will be able to easily and virtually interact with your co-workers, students or teachers using the Zoom service. Start this course now.

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Getting Started with Zoom

Managing Zoom Meetings

Zoom Rooms and Recording

Zoom Integrations and Setups

Zoom Security

Zoom - Latest Updates

Course assessment

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe how to sign up for a free Zoom account and download the necessary software
  • Explain how to start and join a Zoom meeting through the Skype for Business or Slack apps
  • Describe how to schedule a Zoom meeting from your Google account, Microsoft Outlook or the Zoom web portal
  • Describe how to activate and create Zoom Breakout Rooms and schedule meetings using the Zoom Waiting Rooms feature
  • Explain how to check the status of Zoom conference rooms and configure your audio and video settings
  • Identify the basic in-meeting controls and chat with other participants in a Zoom meeting
  • Describe how to record Zoom meetings and review recorded playbacks from your Zoom account
  • Describe how to access reports from the Zoom dashboard and apply for a Vanity URL
  • Describe how to change sharing preferences and add managed domains in your Zoom account


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