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Setting up an ALC

Millions of people around the world are already realizing their potential by completing online courses with Alison. Millions more, however, have not yet discovered how Alison courses can improve their lives by accessing high-quality education and skills training.

The Alison Learning Centre programme aims to radically increase access to certified high-quality education and skills training worldwide through an innovative local business model based on direct access to the Alison online platform.

If you are an entrepreneur, the ALC programme may also be of interest. By setting up an Alison Learning Centre, you will have the opportunity to establish a sustainable business, which helps empower people in your community, and allows you to become part of a global network of Alison Learning Centres.

Alison Learning Centres

More information about setting up an ALC

Why should someone consider setting up an Alison Learning Centre?

Are you working in an education/training centre and looking to expand the range of courses you offer?

Are you an entrepreneur interested in starting a business that is both a worthwhile financial endeavour as well as a way to strengthen the community in which you live?

Are you motivated to help empower your community to become better educated and develop higher skills for the modern workplace?

If so, you might consider setting up an Alison Learning Centre. The requirements to set up an Alison Learning Centre are deliberately kept to a minimum. You don’t have to provide the learning content, the learning management system, or the certification systems. Alison HQ does all of that. What you do need to provide is the facility, the internet access, the safe secure environment, and the commitment to run the ALC in the manner outlined by Alison, and hold to the spirit of the programme. To support the operation, ALCs get a revenue share of all certificate income generated from the ALC activity, and are entitled to charge a fee for additional services they provide.

How do I apply to become an Alison Learning Centre?
  1. Expression of Interest (Stage One)
    Register your interest by completing a detailed “Expression of Interest” form. This is the first stage of a three-stage application process consisting of basic questions on you, your organisation, your proposed ALC facility and location, and motivation for same.

  2. Submit a Business Plan (Stage Two)
    Should your Stage One application be deemed of sufficient strength, you will be invited to complete the second stage of the application process. This involves submitting a basic business plan on your proposed ALC centre where you will outline to us how the ALC will be initially funded, who you will have working with you, and how you propose to run the ALC. You will get direct assistance from our central ALC management team in the development of this part of the application process. At the end of this stage, an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), a contract of engagement is agreed.

  3. Prepare to Launch
    As you prepare to launch your ALC, our central team will work with you to make sure that you complete all reasonable preparations for same. Steps include preparing your marketing collateral and making sure your pricing strategies are well thought out. When you have completed this third stage, your ALC membership will go live, your profile added on the ALC Registered List on the Alison website, and your opening announced to Alison Learners in your area. When you go live, learners coming through your ALC will be traced and daily records of their activity will be reported to you.

    To begin the process, Click here to submit an “Expression of Interest”.

What kind of support will I receive from Alison if I set up an Alison Learning Centre?

Should your application be approved, you will have access to the following:

All Approved ALCs will be able to access online training courses, webinars, and direct assistance for:

  • ALC Administrators
  • ALC Learning Facilitators
  • Alison Proctors


  • Use of ALC logo on stationery, business cards etc.
  • Customized ALC posters to promote your centre
  • Templates of communications material to promote your centre to groups (ppt presentation material, letter templates etc.)
  • Your ALC’s profile page on the Alison website

Ongoing support

  • Monthly webinars
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Access to the global ALC network through an online community forum
What are my responsibilities as an Alison Learning Centre Manager?

Alison wishes to ensure that every ALC makes a long-term, positive contribution to the community in which it operates. As an ALC manager, it will be your responsibility to develop a solid business plan which will ensure your centre is sustainable, and that you have a clear implementation plan to carry out the core activities required of all ALCs.

In summary, your responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming centre for your learners
  • Provide good quality computer equipment, and adequate internet connectivity
  • Ensure all staff complete and keep updated on Alison training courses in administration, learning facilitation, and proctoring
  • Develop a clear plan to ensure ongoing communication with your learners to monitor progress
  • Develop and maintain a business operation that is sustainable and of the quality required by the programme
  • Develop and implement a clear promotion strategy for your centre
  • Engage in outreach with your local business community to create a pathway for ALC graduates to the workplace
  • Adhere to the Alison Charter