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Transition Year: Practical Studies

Whether teachers and pupils are interested in trying out new subjects, seeking to broaden the scope of a project, or to inject something new into the mini-company element of their Transition Year, Alison’s Practical Studies section may have the perfect fit.

Hands-on Experience

These subjects are all about getting hands-on experience of everything from technology and design to home economics, agricultural science and arts. They can include everything from routine car maintenance to gardening, interior design, cookery and crafts. With key elements of TY including an emphasis on helping pupils consider future careers and become independent learners before beginning their Leaving Cert, these courses could prove invaluable.

Some key concepts
  • Technology, applied science and arts subjects such as engineering, construction studies, technical graphics, home economics and agricultural science.
  • Furniture-making and restoration plus interior design and home furnishings.
  • Know your car and routine maintenance.
  • Crafts such as model-making, jewellery-making and pottery.
  • Home and garden maintenance.
  • Food studies and practical cookery.
  • Textile crafts such as making soft toys, weaving and fabric printing.

Suggested Courses

Technical Graphics


Art and Music

Home and Garden Maintenance / Home Economics / Interior Design

Construction Studies

Food Studies and Practical Cookery

Textile Crafts

Know Your Car


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