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Alison Commits to Empowering Refugees

Alison Commits to Empowering Refugees

Alison Commits to Empowering Refugees

Alison Commits to Empowering Refugees

Alison Commits to Empowering Refugees

Free Online Courses, Classes and TutorialsPublisher: Alison Editor, one of the largest free-to-use online learning and self-empowerment platforms, reaffirms its strong commitment to the empowerment of refugees. By conducting a programme to help individuals and communities to develop themselves and offering an opportunity to change their lives, Alison is empowering people of all nations, creeds and walks of life with free, accessible education.

According to UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency, in 2019, the US resettled approximately 31,250 refugees, with the majority being extremely vulnerable people including women and children at risk, victims of violence, survivors of torture and those with acute medical needs.

These civilians have been displaced from war-torn countries and are in search of a new life and a safer environment. Alison is providing refugees with the tools to set and achieve new goals for themselves. The social enterprise is doing this to provide displaced people with a renewed sense of hope for the journey ahead as they rebuild their lives in a new country.

Alison is offering a five-step programme which consists of; study skills, life skills, job search skills, general IT skills and lessons in spoken English. Alison believes that these courses will be beneficial for refugee aid organisations and peace corps to share with all refugees – as these are the core skills needed to prepare for new opportunities in life.

This initiative forms part of Alison’s social support programmes. Read more about how Alison is empowering marginalised communities:




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Data Sources

In 2019, the US resettled approximately 31,250 refugees: