Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Learn how to create your own website using Adobe Dreamweaver CC from the Adobe suite.

Publisher: SimonSezIT
This online Adobe Dreamweaver training course will teach you how to use Adobe Dreamweaver CC - a web development tool for macOS and Windows operating systems - to build websites with a drag and drop interface and or an HTML and CSS development environment. You will learn how to create a new workspace, customize tools, work with text, insert and edit different types of images. Give your web design skills a boost today with this free online course!
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
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Through studying this course, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, you will learn how to use the Dreamweaver CC program to create and host websites online, style your website, insert images and CSS. The course teaches you how to acquire Dreamweaver CC, how the basic interface works, how to create a basic HTML page and access the help menu. In the second module, you will learn how to create a website and publish it online, format your site’s content with HTML code, and add Hyperlinks.

Next, you will learn about customzing and editing your web page properties, CSS basics and how it works. Then, using panels on pages, you will learn how to preview your site in different web browsers. You will learn to add and format text, check available styles, use special characters using HTML, and how lists work in HTML and Dreamweaver.

Lastly, the course will teach you about the fundamentals of CSS, how to access and use Dreamweavers CSS Designer Panel, how to create an external CSS style sheet and use it in your set. After which, you will learn about inserting images on your site and editing them along with background images. So, why wait? Start learning how to create websites and improve your web development skills today!


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