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This article from the Irish Independent features a one-to-one interview with Alison CEO and Founder Mike Feerick and Technology Editor Adrian Weckler. Across the article, Alison’s growing reach is detailed, including an overview of its increasing competitiveness on the top tier of online education providers, its goals towards reaching 100 million users, and its progress towards reaching a billion-dollar category by 2020.

Here, Mike details Alison’s plans for growth and the current opportunities open to the business, including the development of a free publishing tool with which subject matter experts around the world can produce new courses, and putting together an increasingly international team. Alison’s capitalisation on the fundamental advantages of online learning over the traditional education system are detailed, with Mike highlighting how the current system is too narrow, too costly, and too slow, and how universities know they are being challenged by the likes of Alison. Read more...