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This Forbes article details an in-depth interview between Forbes contributor Peter High and Alison CEO and Founder Mike Feerick. In an open discussion, the pair examine Alison’s reach beyond traditional education boundaries, showing how the enterprise provides education for learners in every level of society and every country in the world, with a particular emphasis on the formerly incarcerated.

As the conversation evolves, Mike outlines how he is aiming to remove roadblocks for those attempting to advance within, or even just enter, society. Mike and Peter outline the significant challenge ahead, as represented in problems surrounding the American prison population and the cost of not investing in this group’s development. Mike overviews some of the projects Alison is pioneering to face off this and other challenges, including Alison’s Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-Entry course; Mike’s interaction with John Linton, the Head of Correctional Education in the US Department of Education; and Alison’s partnership with AISECT, India’s largest training centre organisation. Read more...