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Fikra School

An Alison Learning Centre

Alison Learning Centres Programme

The word "Fikra" means ‘’idea’’. This was chosen as the name of our school because our mission is to implement good ideas which help people access the education and training they need.

Since we opened in 2016, we have been running training programmes in various fields: languages, translating, occupational safety and health, first aid, pharmacy technician, and more. Our focus is not only on building the knowledge and skills of our learners, but also on helping young people find jobs once they have completed their studies with us. The services we provide resonate with people who want to access high quality courses to get ahead in life, and our school already enjoys an excellent reputation in Algeria.

Joining the Alison Learning Centres programme has enhanced the status of the school. Being an ALC has allowed us to greatly expand the choice of programmes we offer learners. Offering proctored assessments is also an important part of the service we offer to students, as are the graduation ceremonies we organise, when we present Alison Certificates or Diplomas to graduates who have achieved a passing score.

Sabrina Bassir - Career and Skills Improvement Center Coordinator

ALC Manager
Sabrina Bassir
Fikra School Coordinator

ALC Flag

ALC Address:
23, Rue Freres Meslem,
Setif, 19000, Algieria

Contact Number:

Hani Gharbi, ALC learning administrator
Hani Gharbi, ALC learning administrator
Hani Gharbi, Sabrina Bassir, Ilyes Boushaba
Hani Gharbi, Sabrina Bassir, Ilyes Boushaba
Graduation ceremony July 2018
Graduation ceremony July 2018


We offer bespoke training for business clients. Ask us about designing training packages for your employees.

Alison Certificate



5 Hours

Alison Diploma



15 Hours

What we offer

  • Guidance on course selection
  • Access to computer
  • Technical assistance
  • Learning support
  • Proctored assessment
  • Access to social space
  • Invitation to networking events
  • Alison Certificate*
  • Alison Diploma*


Assistance in CV preparation

Preparation for job interview

Printing per page

*on achievement of 80% or higher in assessment in an enrolled course.
Extra (optional): translation service available.

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