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Free Personal Finance Courses for You

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Personal finance covers all the income and expenditure that have to do with your private life, separate from any business you might be running. So how you earn a salary, wage or commissions, how you file your taxes and how you cover expenses like rent or a bond while also saving or investing will fall under the umbrella of ‘personal finance’. Some people make it look so easy to cover all their costs without going into debt; others seem to make bad decisions that leave them short.

Whatever your situation – good or bad – you can always improve it with our free online personal finance courses. Learn how to save for your retirement or work out if you can afford a mortgage. See what you need to do to play the stock market or just get those basic accounting skills you didn’t get at school. You’ll be amazed at how spending a few hours getting the right knowledge can change your entire financial life – and it’s all totally free with Alison.

Mortgages, Insurance and Retirement

Buying a property to live in, planning for unexpected events like fire or the death of a breadwinner, and ensuring you have enough to live on when you can no longer work are three of the most important parts of having a financially successful life. Home ownership, proper insurance and a sound retirement fund should be on everyone’s to-do list. Our courses teach you the basics of each so you aren’t confused by technical financial terms.

Credit and Debt

You don’t have to be running a big corporation to need to understand debt and credit. Everyone should have basic accounting skills so that you can understand contracts for banks, how interest is calculated and why having too much debt ‘steals’ your future. All our courses are free to enrol in and complete so you can build up your knowledge without spending any of your own cash.

Personal Finance Skills

We leave school knowing obscure facts but many of us hit the job market with virtually no financial education at all. Our attitudes to money are heavily shaped by our families and upbringing, which may not be optimal when it comes to modern ways of handling our personal finances. While your grandmother may have hidden her savings under her mattress, you could be earning interest on them and securing financial independence! Sign up for Alison’s free personal finance courses today to learn more.

Easy Finance Tools

Don’t underestimate the importance of tools to help you keep track of your finances. Alison’s free courses will show you how you can track your salary, side hustles, loans, interest and expenditure in simple spreadsheets or other accounting or bookkeeping programmes. No more trying to guess how much you’ll have at the end of the month: complete our courses, set up your finances in spreadsheets and you’ll be able to see your balance at the touch of a button!

Interest, Cash Flow and Balance Sheets

What’s coming into your bank account and what’s going out? Do you know the difference between simple and compound interest? How can you make the most of what little you may have now to grow it for the future? Our free courses on managing your cash flow, deciphering balance sheets and understanding interest will allow you to make sound decisions and perhaps even allow you to start your own business.

Free Investing Courses

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have investments. And you don’t have to be a financial genius to understand how the stock exchange works. All you have to do is take as many of our free investing courses as you like so you can know what ‘risk’, ‘short selling’ and ‘returns’ mean. If you want to make investments, it pays to do a little homework first – we’ve made it easy for you by putting all our best investment courses in one place.

If you’re interested in Bitcoin and crypto, we have a whole section about cryptocurrency – check it out here.

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