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Diploma in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Learn how tissue engineering and other medical techniques allow for optimal drug delivery in this free online course.

In this course, you will study the body and its intricacies, and how different areas can be controlled and modified to allow for the most effective and efficient drug deliveries. This course is for those who have proficiency in biology and chemistry and who are wanting to expand their knowledge and experience within these fields.
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This free online course will introduce you to the idea of tissue engineering and how our understanding of biology and our bodies has grown to a point where we can edit genes and tissue to allow for optimal targeted drug delivery. You will study the whole replacement and regeneration of tissue as well as route-specific deliveries.

Next, you will tackle surface modifications and polymeric growth factor, which stems from advancements in understanding polymers and hydrogels and their role in drug administration and delivery. You will study certain areas of the immune system and learn about vaccines, their different types, and how they are engineered. You will then advance further to learn about DNA and genetics, and how DNA vaccination and delivery work.

You will finish the course by studying responsive delivery systems and briefly cover nanotoxicology and translation pathways. This material is heavily based on the biological and chemical engineering fields, with an in-depth look at topics and ideas surrounding this content. It is a rewarding course that will expand the knowledge of anyone studying or working in these particular areas of expertise or anyone who is wanting to dive into this fascinating subject matter.

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Tissue Engineering

Route Specific Delivery

Drug Administration

First Assessment


Gene Delivery and Other Variants

Responsive and Targeted Delivery Systems

Second Assessment

Course assessment

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss tissue engineering and whole tissue replacement
  • Analyze the immune system and its various pathways and adaptions
  • Categorize vaccine types
  • Define 'immuno-isolated cell therapy'
  • Identify cancer vaccines and cancer therapeutics
  • Describe the responsive delivery system
  • Explain the targeted drug delivery system 
  • Identify implant associated infections (IAIs) and their treatments
  • Explain targeted drug delivery and responsive delivery systems


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