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Welcome to ALISON Study Groups, your Free Learning Management System.

Collaborative learning is now FREE!

Until now, Learner Management Systems (LMS) for Collaborative learning have been restricted to large organisations with massive training budgets. Not any more...ALISON is changing how learning is managed by providing ALISON Study Groups to the world. This free online learning management system allows anyone - teachers, clubs, managers, even like-minded friends - to create a group of learners and guide them as they complete any of our 750+ free courses.

You can import your learners, group them, assign different courses, set deadlines and report on progress, all from your easy to use dashboard.

Group Size


  • 15 Users
  • 5 Courses
  • 5 Groups


  • 50 Users
  • 10 Courses
  • 10 Groups


  • 100 Users
  • 20 Courses
  • 20 Groups


  • 500 Users
  • 50 Courses
  • 50 Groups


  • 1000 Users
  • 100 Courses
  • 100 Groups

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