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Learn more about Alison's products and services by signing up to one of our frequent webinars on various topics - from simply learning with Alison as an individual, to how best to use the services of Alison as a business. Learn how to become a Publisher with Alison, and learn how to create the most compelling courses - and how to market them to a worldwide audience.

These Webinars are free of charge - but limited in webinar size, so sign up now at a time convenient to you. We will send reminders before the date - and look forward to you joining us and learning more.

Our lead Webinar Presenter is Aashir, but he is joined frequently by guests from within the Alison team, and by outside guests who have good stories to tell!

Mustafa Ali Khan


Introducing Alison Free LMS Programme

July 16th

This webinar will guide you on how to register for Alison Free LMS programme and upskill your employees while earning an additional source of revenue.

Mustafa Ali Khan


The Alison Affiliate Programme

July 18th

Speak directly with an Affiliate representative to learn more about earning an income while empowering millions.

Zainab Qaiserani


Introduction to Creating Courses on Alison

July 24th

This webinar guides you through the process of becoming a Course Creator with Alison and publishing your own courses.

Alison Team


Graduation Ceremony 2024

July 30th

Join us as we celebrate the hard work and outstanding achievement of our June Diploma graduates.

Mustafa Ali Khan


SEO Training for Publishing on Alison

August 14th

This webinar teaches you all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to get courses to the top of Search Engine Rankings