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Fundamentals of Human Resources

Comments about Employee relations - Human resource management: the application of management styles and skills to employee relations

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- Module: Employee relations
- Topic: Human resource management: the application of management styles and skills to employee relations
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Evelyn Eyram Achiriga Ghana Special interest must be in employee's skills, thereby creating a harmonious relationship between employee and management thus leading to high productivity
    2015-02-12 13:02:30

  • aaa
    Dr subhash Raina India This segment of HR Department is to implement the decisions on the employees which engraved to determine the result oriented practices. The system of working and skills of the employees can will be viewed seriously in the interest of the management to satisfy the ego of the management committee. The HR Manager should study the perfect implementation of skills of the employees according to their forte by providing them the training, personality development, team coordination, goal setting and goal achieving skills, decision making skills, interpersonal skills, Verbal-Non verbal and communication skills, etc. are very important to be taken into consideration. The management of any organisation requires that their slated decisions and rules be followed by the employees and working environment be accepted in agreed terms. No dispute be raised in near future. This practice has be followed by the employees as well as the management under supervision of the HR Department to facilitate each and every employer as well as employee.
    2015-01-29 10:01:04

  • aaa
    Kooagile Kula Botswana all this can be done in-house training by inviting more skilled people to workshop them on employees relations
    2015-01-20 14:01:33

  • aaa
    Eileen Dunkley-Shim Jamaica This slide seems to speak specifically to managers and those skills are important as it sets the tone for the working relationship. I think ideally we would want all employees to be able to discuss any work related matter without condemnation/ ridicule.
    2014-12-25 22:12:59

  • aaa
    psy Olyom Nigeria Communication, team building, and participatory skills are winners any day in my humble opinion.
    2014-12-25 09:12:50

  • aaa
    Kofi Wiredu Ghana the application of management styles and skills needs to create a space for the worker
    2014-12-23 11:12:08

  • aaa
    Zekkethal Vargas-Thomas [[]] Love these suggestions/recommendations of the types of management styles and skills on how the organization/supervisor and employee can work together to reach the objectives, but this slides gives the supervisor/organization some good suggestions/recommendations.
    2014-12-13 07:12:30

  • aaa
    Tinus Fourie South Africa The facets of the HR manager/ Employee Relations manager in terms of employee relations are vast and of cardinal importance to ensure good relations between the organization and the employees. Pro-activity is of utmost importance.
    2014-12-09 16:12:08

  • aaa
    pearl matshoba South Africa there is more than enough skills that each and every employee can contribute without feeling outlined.
    2014-11-11 04:11:57

    • aaa
      Eileen Dunkley-Shim Jamaica agreed
      2014-12-25 22:12:05
  • aaa
    Olanike Oladapo Nigeria Is not only the Human resources manager that should exhibit these skills,is also necessary for the employees too
    2014-11-06 14:11:13

  • aaa
    Mavis Ampomah Ghana Management need to adapt to good styles and skills in employee relations. The method of such styles and skills must be one which the employee will understand clearly what the message entails and are able to work with it for the benefit of both employee, employer and management in a whole. This management style is very good to the levels of employee satisfaction and empowerment. Such a level of employee involvement will ensure greater ownership of the decisions by employees and develop a harmony relationship between employees and management. There are many skills that the manager must exhibit if the state of employee relations is to be improved within an organization. These skills are as follows; 1.A good verbal communication skills, thus the manager must be able to communicate directly to employees verbally and also ensure that employees understand the content of the message. 2. The manager must have a good written communication skills. That is, he or she must ensure that he content of written communication sent out to employees are well understood. Also he or she must be able to understand the body language exhibited by employees. 3. A good manager must be a good listener. thus he must always have the ear to listen to employees. 4.• Goal setting skills, thus the manager must have the skill of setting up goals for employees and seeing to it that such goals are met. 5. Problem solving skills. the manager must be able to solve problems that arise in the cause of executing his duties been it with employees or management. 6 Decision-making skills, a good manager must always be prepared to take hard and good decision that will be in the interest of both the employee and the organization as a whole. 7. Evaluating and appraising skills. A manager must have the skills in evaluating and appraising employees performance in an organization. 8• Planning skills, a good manager must have a very good planning skills that will benefit employee and the organization. 9• Organizing skills. A good manager should be someone who have the skills in organizing people for a strategic job at a given period. 10• Mediating skills. A good manager must always be the mediator between employees in settling disputes and also between employees and employers. 11• Negotiating skills. 12• Counseling skills • Meeting skills • Training skills • Team building skills • Dispute/conflict resolution skills • Delegating skills • Supervising skills
    2014-10-14 14:10:40

  • aaa
    Ahmed Yusuf Djibouti Effective communication, efforts to reach to the truth and making right decisions are some of the qualities that a manager needs to possess to resolve the conflicts among employees forever.
    2014-10-09 22:10:59

  • aaa
    S Raphael Ouedraogo Burkina Faso the place of management styles and skills to the employee relations
    2014-08-25 17:08:12

    • aaa
      Lul Hassan Somalia a manager must have the ability to resolve conflict.communication skills:effective communication skills(writing and speaking). the conflict may be based on upon miscommunication caused by unclear communication.conflict resolution requires clear language,and the accurate use of words.A good manager must have a good strategic planning.decision making.good coordination to retain a good relation with employees.planning implementing. A manager have to initiate and over see new projects that will help improve organizational performance.(Designing and initiating changes with in the organization). Manager must make changes with in organizational levels to maintain healthy relationship in between all the employee members to retain harmonious environment to avoid unnecessary disputes.Negotiator skills.manager must bargain form of other union.
      2014-10-25 19:10:46
    • aaa
      S Raphael Ouedraogo Burkina Faso the management styles is determinating the type o relationships that we hope to have in the organization. a participative management style allow to ensure a good relationships and to prevent conflict
      2014-08-25 17:08:32
  • aaa
    geofrey taumbe [[-]] how will i be able to access my diploma on hard copy?
    2014-06-23 08:06:45

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