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Fundamentals of Human Resources

Comments about The employment cycle - Human resource management: the employment cycle

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- Module: The employment cycle
- Topic: Human resource management: the employment cycle
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Elvis Okere Nigeria training and development of employees are very important in an organisation.
    2015-05-07 02:05:13

  • aaa
    Dermot Ryan Ireland Motivation is very important it creates a good work ethic and personal development ensuring good relations between both parties Employee and Hr manager
    2015-03-06 09:03:52

  • aaa
    Dr subhash Raina India The employment Cycle pertains to the recruitment process of employees according to the need of the organisation and the HR Manager should follow the norms of employment narrated and past practice should also be followed for best employment cycle practice in an organisation
    2015-01-29 07:01:50

  • aaa
    Evelyn Eyram Achiriga Ghana For both the employer and the employee to satisfied, the HRM has to do a lot by setting principles that will benefit the organization and the employee
    2015-01-28 14:01:09

  • aaa
    Kooagile Kula Botswana training staff to know different jobs within the organasation and outside will motivate them and encarage them to together as a team for a comon goal,also encarage welfare
    2015-01-19 14:01:35

  • aaa
    Moyochena Makuto Makahamadze Zimbabwe Motivation is the key to a better with employees putting maximum effort on their work. once the current employees are motivated they can earn higher posts and teach the new employees with a good and better view of the company. That way the company grows.
    2015-01-07 09:01:38

  • aaa
    psy Olyom Nigeria The management of the employment cycle is a major challenge for HR managers. The creation of great team starts and ends here.
    2014-12-25 01:12:04

  • aaa
    Eileen Dunkley-Shim Jamaica Motivation is important in the cycle. As are all other elements. One thing often left to the beginning of employment is the training and development. This as all others should be ongoing in an effort to remain competitive in the market place/industry
    2014-12-23 02:12:04

  • aaa
    Kofi Wiredu Ghana in business you need to establish yourself in many ways so as to let the people around you and the things in terms in maintain the business and the work
    2014-12-20 17:12:01

  • aaa
    Zekkethal Vargas-Thomas [[]] Looking at this employment cycle and seen this visual helped the overall of the employment cycle, really need to learn about induction. Hopefully, it soon.
    2014-12-13 06:12:52

  • aaa
    Kenneth Antiedu Ghana Is it good for management to recruit new employees to take up positions or train already recruited employees to climb up. Or a blend of the two will match?
    2014-11-17 07:11:31

  • aaa
    Kenneth Antiedu Ghana Education and training is very essential to the development of an organization. Therefore, all employees must have this entitlement so they can deem fit to take higher positions.
    2014-11-17 06:11:39

  • aaa
    Manasi Gujar India Employment cycle.. Is something which is related to input and outputs of employees by infusing new blood for having a good competitive and efficient and effective productivity and retrenching of the old less productive human resources respectively
    2014-11-14 20:11:14

  • aaa
    pearl matshoba South Africa so does this mean that the HRM draws up the policies in an organisation or implements its?making sure that employees see their responsibility?
    2014-11-11 01:11:20

  • aaa
    Olanike Oladapo Nigeria In most private organisation,where they don't have provision for staff development staff exit entitlement and some other benefits,can we say employment cycle will best work in the public sector than private sector
    2014-11-06 10:11:54

  • aaa
    Ahmed Yusuf Djibouti The Employment Cycle is... involved in all aspects of employment of staff, organisation and recruitment.
    2014-10-23 19:10:08

  • aaa
    Mavis Ampomah Ghana How can an applicant be assured a successful employment in an organization where employment circle not in used?
    2014-10-14 18:10:48

  • aaa
    Mavis Ampomah Ghana The employment cycle are the stages that an employee's career passes through as they progress in terms of their employment within an organization. It entails the stages frequently referred to as - recruitment, selection, induction, training and development, maintenance and motivation and, finally, termination or separation. when an HR manager is able to put proper structures in place, it helps to enhanced the employment cycle process in an organization to a successful one.
    2014-10-14 18:10:30

  • aaa
    Diksha Chooromoney Mauritius what is included in the employment cycle?
    2014-09-15 17:09:59

  • aaa
    Peezy Arebun Nigeria At what stage in the employment circle is an applicant sure of employment and then what happens next?
    2014-08-27 14:08:32

    • aaa
      Peezy Arebun Nigeria There are eight stages of the employment circle. An applicant is sure of employment at stage three which is the INDUCTION STAGE, there after TRAINING which is the the fourth stage of the the employment circle which is very important because here the employee learns about the organisation's ethics, code of conduct, goals and objectives
      2014-08-27 15:08:53
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