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Touch Typing Training

Comments about Touch Typing Skills - Training2 - Assessment

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- Module: Touch Typing Skills
- Topic: Training2 - Assessment
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Enilk Narf Kenya the key c is the hardest but you have to keep going i love the training.thank you Alison
    2015-05-11 14:05:23

  • aaa
    abdalla ahmed Egypt Love this course
    2015-04-13 23:04:02

  • aaa
    Su Wai Thi United Arab Emirates love you alison
    2015-03-28 17:03:28

    • aaa
      Mahmoud Ahmed FarajAllah Egypt also Alison love you Su Wai Thi :D
      2015-05-09 17:05:42
  • aaa
    Jackie Thomson United Kingdom Almost getting there with this module.
    2015-03-18 12:03:40

  • aaa
    Rushaan Marsh South Africa Took me a few times but got it right, yippee
    2015-03-17 09:03:17

  • aaa
    Jackie Thomson United Kingdom Got through this module at last.
    2015-03-13 14:03:02

  • aaa
    Jacqueline Maribao Philippines It took me an hour or more surpassing my high score before I got here . Very challenging. Just have to keep trying indeed. :)
    2015-02-22 10:02:06

  • aaa
    Gabrielle Gillen United States of America These goals can be extremely difficult to get to.
    2015-02-10 02:02:30

    • aaa
      Ruben Motinga Namibia Indeed it is. One have to retake assessments numerous times in order to pass. sometimes its very tiring.
      2015-02-10 10:02:10
  • aaa
    Fred Perez United States of America Fred Perez How can I reach my score of 396? I highest I gotten was 370. I try not to look at the screen while I 'm typing but it is hard ,because my fingers lose the feel of the keys.
    2015-02-10 02:02:59

  • aaa
    Lydia Pemba Malawi how can i reach my score because the highest is 660
    2015-02-05 13:02:27

    • aaa
      zeeshan nawaz sohi Pakistan lydia pemba you change your reaching score by changing your goal..
      2015-02-10 06:02:56
  • aaa
    Lydia Pemba Malawi it looks easy but its hard
    2015-02-05 13:02:57

  • aaa
    A Cain United States of America the goals are set absolutely ridiculously HIGH!!!! you will never pass an assessment. I'm off to fond a different site
    2015-02-04 07:02:07

  • aaa
    JOSE ORDUNO JR United States of America A great tool for those looking to improve there typing speed. I set my goal to 50 and I find it to be challenging enough that I feel that I can pass the assessments with a few days of practice.
    2015-01-27 22:01:52

  • aaa
    Karen Kurek United States of America very helpful....
    2015-01-27 21:01:58

    • aaa
      Kara Shannon Ireland no its not !!! :(
      2015-03-05 10:03:48
  • aaa
    Dieudonne Byamungu South Africa i really enjoyed the course it opens my mind and my hands are able to type by order. thank you very much for Alison course
    2015-01-14 19:01:33

  • aaa
    Nyakueng Marial Anyijong Australia how many percentage do this course need to be completed?
    2015-01-09 16:01:34

  • aaa
    Robert Boele Van Hensbroek Australia I really enjoyed the course. Easy to follow instructions
    2015-01-02 08:01:47

  • aaa
    Rosa Isela González Mexico This course at first it is dificult then you get the hang of it! Thanks alison for this oportunity to learn how to type.
    2014-12-30 18:12:05

    • aaa
      Rebecca Banet Ireland thus course is difficult because the typing assesments are harder than they look.
      2015-01-27 14:01:36
  • aaa
    ANNA FOTIOU United States of America 42 %
    2014-12-28 17:12:19

  • aaa
    Barth Feese Nigeria This is hardeR than i thout
    2014-12-16 11:12:54

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