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Touch Typing Training

Comments about Touch Typing Skills - Training - Assessment

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- Module: Touch Typing Skills
- Topic: Training - Assessment
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Utkarsh Singh India 386/460
    2015-05-25 17:05:14

  • aaa
    Garett Gustkey United States of America right hand exercise frose
    2015-05-17 01:05:30

  • aaa
    Tara Cross United Kingdom not sure
    2015-05-13 21:05:43

  • aaa
    PAUL SAVO United States of America Nice
    2015-05-13 19:05:41

  • aaa
    RIFFAT RANA United States of America there should be more practice
    2015-05-05 03:05:39

  • aaa
    RIFFAT RANA United States of America I do not think this teaching methodis very eficient
    2015-05-05 03:05:42

  • aaa
    Gabriel Johnson United States of America no typing screen comes up
    2015-05-04 16:05:46

  • aaa
    Teresa Rosado United States of America Why can I no longer my training assessments? Waiting for support to answer my email.
    2015-04-28 01:04:24

  • aaa
    Vanessa Dale Willis United States of America how can i retake the tests?
    2015-04-20 20:04:54

  • aaa
    Manoja Pears New Zealand Clear Instructions. Thank you Alison.
    2015-04-11 12:04:22

  • aaa
    Aaliyah Adam United States of America i liked the training was tough but feels good after i learn
    2015-04-03 01:04:21

  • aaa
    Leon Williams United States of America this program is a waste of my time it dose not work, it keeps locking up
    2015-03-27 05:03:47

  • aaa
    Moolchan Singh Trinidad and Tobago No more one finger typing , thanks to ALISON .
    2015-03-10 21:03:23

  • aaa
    Zanifa Mohammed United States of America This is hard to do but I like it
    2015-03-10 02:03:44

  • aaa
    Zanifa Mohammed United States of America I would like to get my score on this typing class
    2015-03-10 02:03:42

  • aaa
    Varrel Morgan United Kingdom no question
    2015-03-06 17:03:49

  • aaa
    Varrel Morgan United Kingdom difficult but posiable
    2015-03-06 17:03:00

    • aaa
      Elizabeth Waringa Kenya so true
      2015-05-11 11:05:29
  • aaa
    Daniel Boone [[]] So far, the best method I've found. Congrats!!
    2015-03-03 15:03:38

  • aaa
    Fatuma Ndope Kenya The highest I've typed is 434 it's not easy can't continue with a pass?
    2015-03-02 13:03:25

  • aaa
    Khairul Osman Malaysia repitition is the mother of skill . There is no way around it . Self Motivation
    2015-02-21 17:02:56

    • aaa
      Manyazewal Mamuye Ethiopia Good expression, 10 Q
      2015-02-23 11:02:35
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