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Fundamentals of Corporate Management

Comments about Managing large scale organisations - Characteristics of large scale organisations

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Characteristics of large scale organisations
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    lauren viette United Kingdom large scale organiszartions compose of 100 or more employees
    2015-05-12 12:05:29

  • aaa
    Cherizza Mae Guitang Korea; Republic of You can determine if an organization is a large scale organization in the basis of number of employees, value of the assets, management, and owners. But what do you mean by the asset being in similar value with turnover?
    2015-04-11 15:04:21

  • aaa
    Lhynne Hapiness Philippines Large scale organization is huge number of professionals and more complex to manage.
    2015-04-04 15:04:21

  • aaa
    reyas rasheed Oman Managing large scale organisation is huge net work of professionals and experienced level of staffs. Which will be positioned in various level of flow chart( Like: CEO-GM-MGR-Supervisors-Staffs- etc...) Each person is designated for particular assignments or Position of work to be undertaken. With regular and weekly communication among the all levels to make sure the process move smoothly and perfectly in a professional manner.
    2015-02-28 13:02:24

  • aaa
    Obusitswe John Egypt Large scale organisations generally compose of at least 100 employees and a relatively distinctive difference in terms of roles between the owners and its managers.
    2014-12-18 10:12:03

  • aaa
    Sajjad Ahmed Bilal United Arab Emirates is'nt 100 employees minimum a rather less number for a supposedly large scale organization?
    2014-11-25 13:11:48

  • aaa
    Dina Gallanera Bahrain What are the characteristics of large scale organisations?
    2014-11-18 07:11:47

  • aaa
    maricar pia Philippines how be the large scale much bigger in management??
    2014-10-02 11:10:03

  • aaa
    Sourindra Mozumder India no question
    2014-09-12 11:09:45

  • aaa
    Narcis Randrianarivony Madagascar no question
    2014-07-23 12:07:52

  • aaa
    Ethel Brigildo Philippines What are the basic rules of classification?
    2014-07-09 03:07:05

    • aaa
      Bea Bianca Sigue Philippines the basic rule is in your heart
      2014-09-17 07:09:36
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