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Interview Stages

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    Rumishael U.
    Rumishael U.

    Gathering information brings out accuracy of what we are covering. It's a very important key aspect to remember.

    Loc D.
    Loc D.

    Gathering information is an important process. Reporters get information from many sources. They get information from their office files, from contacts whose work is related to this information. They do search to more information. The point is that they have ability to scrutinize information before turning it into their own possession.

    Gabriel O.
    Gabriel O.

    Interviewing skill could best be understood by looking into the three basic phase. 1. pre-interview. 2. The Interview. 3. Post interview These three phase summed it up, for clear understanding.

    Ambroisine M.
    Ambroisine M.

    Gathering information is as important as verify information

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